PVR23-05. “The Hero Tribe “Academy Community

Positive Vibrations Roundtable with Sara Troy and her guests, Camilla Moehle,  Joana Gumpert, and Sascha Wagener. On air from January 31st

We believe that everyone is actually the hero and protagonist of their life’s story. Many people are living their life in a victim state and as the side-character in other people’s story. We mentor the ones who hear the calling to live their true potential, by going on their hero’s journey. We do this with our book (The Hero’s Handbook), our camps around the world, The Hero Tribe Academy and our monthly free event Tribe Time.

The Hero Tribe’s mission is to take people out of their ordinary world and send them on their personal hero’s journey. We believe that everyone has the slumbering potential to be the hero of their life story and live their true nature. 

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Founded by Camilla, Sascha and Joana, the Hero Tribe started with training camps in different locations in Europe and Asia and then grew into a worldwide community that accompanies people on their journey to a greater life. 

The origin of the Tribe are the different backgrounds of Sascha, Camilla and Joana. Sascha is a lifelong martial arts researcher, trained in temples and monasteries in Asia, and is co-founder of the Missing Link Martial Arts community and the Secret Elements Qi Gong system. Camilla came from a career in the 5-star hotel industry before deciding to go her own way and open a fitness and yoga studio in Vietnam. Joana is the unusual blend of scientist and shamanic practitioner and counselor.  

Free monthly community event (Tribe Time):

First Wednesday of the month, 8 PM CETH we do a Qi Gong exercise, a talk, a sharing / Q&A round, a powerful group meditation and a special life music contribution from on of the Hero Tribe team! Here people can sign up for the free event:






Secret Elements Qi Gong: 



Spirit of the Hero camp – Ocean Edition France

Spirit of the Hero camp – Mountain Edition Italy

Spirit of the Hero Camp – Lake Edition Poland


The Hero Tribe Academy
If you feel ready to fully embrace your inner hero, apply for a free hero’s journey analysis with us.



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