TSM.23-07. How Canadian Corruption Got Gordon Knights Book Banned.

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Gordon Knight, on air from February 14th

Gordon Knight, author of Deep 6 Diaries, The True Story of One Little Guy Trying to Defend Himself, His business, and His Elderly Father from Bullying Bureaucrats and Government Criminality.

How Canadian Corruption Got a Book Banned– In America

Who decides which products can be sold in the US?

The Government of Canada, that’s who. Does that surprise you?

It should shock you, but you can’t be blamed for not knowing. Canada’s been suppressing news on all this, even banning an explosive book exposing the whole sordid tale. More on that in a moment.

The US government outsourced its control of product safety and importation to another government in a foreign country, in this case; Canada. That’s bad enough, but it gets worse.

That Canadian government agency doing the testing and certifying, an outfit called CSA Group, isn’t doing much testing or certifying. Instead of doing the work, they’ve been caught faking the testing and forging the certifications, selling counterfeits to enable imports into the US. We know this, as we’ve heard from a long stream of whistleblowers, of civil service insiders sending us evidence. Indeed, an Ohio court even ruled in 2011 that CSA is guilty of “conspiracy to defraud” the public, of “falsifying testing results,” and “falsely certifying” unsafe products. Canadian civil servants make a ton of money doing this in the US. By law, products must be certified, no choice there, so Canada’s little racket makes a mint by selling fakes and nobody holds them to account because, well, they’re the government.

This no-accountability stuff goes pretty deep. You see, Canada isn’t supposed to be operating inside the US at all. It’s illegal. They’re here, illegally, operating government businesses across the US to facilitate the offshoring of American jobs, mainly to China. 

Did you know Canada was doing that? From inside the US? This Canadian outfit also sells influence over legislation – actual dollars for votes. They’ve passed “Manson’s Law” in Canada, making legislation itself the private property of whoever drafted it. They legalized the bribing of civil servants. They pull a ton of money from that too, of course. All this is possible because these same civil servants run the functions of the courts – they pick the judges for cases, intake the exhibits, edit the evidence, etc. They do trial rigging in Canada, and that affects all they do in the US. And all they do, therefore, is untouchable at law.

And I’ll bet you didn’t know about all that, did you? 

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I wrote a book recently, called Deep 6 Diaries, exposing the horrid scale of corruption in the civil service in Canada and the US. The book was released late last year. The civil service knew it was coming. They’d tried to wipe out my small publishing company with a series of court cases since 2011. That’s eleven years folks, that’s a lot of lawfare. That’s part of what Deep 6 Diaries was chronicling and it’s what the government wasn’t keen on you reading about. So they suppressed it.

This summer, the Canadian government advised VISA, AMEX and the other credit card companies that my company was engaged in money laundering or finance fraud. I don’t know which, by the way, as I wasn’t allowed a copy of the allegation. What I do know is that any such allegation from a G7 country results in the immediate blacklisting of the alleged money launderer. Our website, Deep6Diaries.com, the intended salespoint for the book, suddenly couldn’t sell anything by credit card.

About thirty days later, the government reached into my company’s bank account and seized $25k. This was punishment for all that money laundering they’d claimed we were doing. Two weeks later, they seized another $25k. That’s $50k in fines without a hearing, without a trial, and without the right to read the allegation. And folks, my business is publishing, we’ve never worked in finance in any way. The alleged crime is nonexistent.

Of course, the civil service knows this, but they also know they can suppress an embarrassing book by just filing the charge. A book banning, just by filing.

Well, as a fallback, we launched Deep 6 Diaries on Amazon. Then, just a few days after launch and a mere handful of sales, Amazon shut us down. Why so? Well, they’d received a letter from the Canadian government advising that our new book was counterfeit.

Ponder this; I wrote the book myself, my own company published it, yet the civil service banned my book by claiming that I was somehow counterfeiting my own product.

The bureaucrats know their argument is nonsense, but it works. The book was banned. Deep 6 Diaries, exposing foreign government corruption inside the US, is now the rarest book in America.

That’s the tip of the iceberg, too. There’s also a warrant out for my arrest in Canada. The civil service arranged for a court ruling that found me guilty of complying with a law the civil service found inconvenient. That’s “complying,” mind you, not defying the law. In truth, there was no defying of any law, either by me or the legal counsel who ensured our compliance. Rather, the ruling is a ruse. What they’re really after is the silencing of someone who knows too much and, from their perspective, is a bit too dangerous.

Well, on that surreal basis, I’ve been given a life sentence in prison. Naturally, I fled that country two years ago for the comparative paradise of Texas, and I’ve since filed for political asylum. And what drove all this?

I exposed the corruption of the administrative state, and for that, the powers of government have been arrayed against me. My friends, Canada is a post-legal society, and the US isn’t far behind. And you’re not even allowed to read about it.

Gordon Knight, author of Deep 6 Diaries,is the owner of PS Knight, a publisher of electrical guidebooks. For more than 50 years Knight’s family business has been publishing such guidebooks on how to install electrical wiring safely and in compliance with electrical laws. But Knight has a competitor — the Canadian government, which also publishes its own guidebooks.

In 2012 the Canadian government began suing Knight, arguing that Knight had breached their copyright in quoting from laws that the civil service had drafted. That is, they argued that they owned the law privately.

Since then Knight has endured a series of dirty Rulings from several levels of Court.  In one such Ruling, the Judge was concurrently employed by the same civil service entity that was suing us.  As one might expect, this Judge ruled in favour of his employer.

Right now, after nine years of litigation and a run all the way to the Supreme Court, in order to protect the private interests of the civil service, the Courts of Canada have Ruled that laws are indeed privately owned by whomever drafted or lobbied for their passage into law.

Gordon Knight has fled Canada.

This book is banned right now, but we hope it will be available soon, and will post the link then. In the mean time, there is lots of detailed facts and info from here



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