I Spoke To You In Whispers

As Shells Made The Ground Beneath Us Quake

We Both Trembled In That Crater

Toxic Muddy Bloody Lake

I Spoke To You And Pulled Your Ears

To Try And Quell Your Fearful Eye

As Bullets Whizzed Through The Raindrops

And We Watched The Men Around Us Die

I Spoke To You In Stable Tones

A Quiet Tranquil Voice

At Least I Volunteered To Fight

You Didn’t Get To Make The Choice

I Spoke To You Of Old Times

Perhaps You Went Before The Plough

And Pulled The Haycart From The Meadow

Far From Where We’re Dying Now

I Spoke To You Of Grooming

Of When The Ploughman Made You Shine

Not The Shrapnel Wounds And Bleeding Flanks

Mane Filled With Mud And Wire And Grime

I Spoke To You Of Courage

As Gas Filled The Flanders Air

Watched You Struggle In The Mud

Harness Acting Like A Snare

I Spoke To You Of Peaceful Fields

Grazing Beneath A Setting Sun

Time To Rest Your Torn And Tired Body

Your Working Day Is Done

I Spoke To You Of Promises

If From This Maelstrom I Survive

By Pen And Prose And Poetry

I’ll Keep Your Sacrifice Alive

I Spoke To You Of Legacy

For When This Hellish Time Is Through

All Those Who Hauled Or Charged Or Carried

Will Be Regarded Heroes Too

I Spoke To You In Dulcet Tones

Your Eye Told Me You Understood

As I Squeezed My Trigger To Bring You Peace

The The Only Way I Could

And I Spoke To You In Whispers……

~ Neil Andrew

This Is So Beautiful And Had To Be Shared; Sacrifices In War Are Made By Many, I Respect The Voice Who Cares For The Horses.

Sara Troy