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If you are anything like me you always want more, you want to have Success By Design in both life and business.  Accepting limitations is not for you.  You want to go beyond what you think is possible. You want to know what will generate momentum in your business so you can create ripples in the world.

Your business is already running well but you want to serve more people, make a bigger impact, and uplevel your revenue and lifestyle in the process.

If you have a big vision for your business and you want to experience exceptional growth this year then I have a phenomenal event for you.

On 26th of June,  2023, I will be joining 28 other successful female entrepreneurs for the Success By Design Event.  It is hosted by Miriam Villegas, a Success & Mindset Coach for female entrepreneurs who want to multiply their income by applying powerful mindset techniques.

Success By Design – Discover the Industry’s Top Secrets to Skyrocket Your Business Revenue  

Women are generating a movement globally and are realizing they need to align their mindset with their strategies to be incredibly successful in business.  You get to be part of this movement. I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend.

Success By Design 


I’m super excited to be one of the speakers on Success By Design. Each single one of them will give our listeners insights and a strategy to make their business a roaring success. A big shout out to this amazing group of female business leaders!

Ready to meet our amazing experts 🥰

  1.  Julie Jones is a Breakthrough Coach and TV producer and will be teaching you to Stop Waiting & Start Living.
  2.  Lynda Sunshine West is a #1 International Bestselling Author and will be sharing with you that you are never to old to follow your dreams.
  3.  Stacey Hall is a Social Media and Sales Expert and will be teaching you how to sell from your comfort zone.
  4.  Kellee Williams is a Lifestyle Management Expert who is going to share with you how to align your personal life with your business.
  5.  Tierra Womack is the founder of The Brave Way and is going to teach you Human Design and how the understanding of it will boost your productivity.
  6.  Beverly Zeimet is a Holistic Practitioner and the Queen of the Metaverse and will be diving deep into how to release energetic blockages.
  7.  Melahni Ake is the founder of Everyday Leaders who is going to show you different strategic leadership skills.
  8.  Shelly Bays is a Business and Life Coach and is going to introduce you to the DISC personality types and how they influence your behavior.
  9.  Deb Drummond is an Ultrapreneur who is going to share with you why networking is so important to get your name out there.
  10.  Lisa DeToffol is the owner of Tiger Eye Solutions and she’ll be teaching us how a virtual assistant can help us with organization and time management.
  11.  Sara Troy is the owner and host of Self Discovery Wisdom Podcast and she will be teaching you about energy and how you are the creator of everything.
  12.  Leslie Flowers is the Master of Think and Grow Rich and an Executive Leadership Coach and she’ll share with you that you don’t need to know all the steps to achieve what you want. You just need to know what you want to create and everything else will come together along the way.
  13.  Carolina Billings is the founder of Powerful Women Today and she’ll dive deep into the power of networking and empowering women.
  14.  Liz Wendling is an Author and Sales Expert and she will share with you her secret on how to sell without selling your soul.
  15.  Sheryl Plouffe is a Video Strategist & YouTube Marketing Expert who is going to teach you how to become an authority on YouTube.
  16.  Jenell Kelly is a Clarity Expert and she’ll dive deep into why you should always follow your vision and intuition.
  17.  Heather Burgett is an award winning Publicist & Visibility Expert and she’ll share with you why you need to master your inner authority first before you can be that external authority.
  18.  Toni Lontis is an International Broadcaster and founder of Everyday Women’s Network and she’ll teach you how a broadcasting station can help you accelerate your business.
  19.  Debra Sunderland is an Enneagram Culture Coach and she’ll dive deep into enneagrams and how the understanding of it can help you be more productive.
  20.  Lourene Bevaart is a World Champion and Success Mentor and she’ll show you how you can build a life by design.
  21.  Melanie Herschorn is a Book Marketing Strategies and she’ll teach you how you can build a business with a book as your foundation.
  22.  Carol Boston is a Sales Growth Coach who is going to share with you how to speak your clients’ sales language.
  23.  Sandy Rutherford is a Success Mindset Coach who is showing you how you create a bulletproof self-image combined with the confidence of success.
  24.  Kelly McCausey is a Content & Community Coach and she’ll be teaching you where your self-sabotaging thoughts come from and how you can move past them.
  25.  Catharine O’Leary is The Quiz Queen who will be teaching you how to make market research fun and only attract your ideal client.
  26.  Kayla Burch is a Business and Mindset Coach who will teach you that you choose your own reality.
  27.  Valerie Hayes is a Fractional COO and she’ll be spilling the beans on how a fractional COO can bring structure and organization to your business.
  28.  Karissa Adkins is a Mindset Mentor and she’ll be teaching you how to unlock your potential through wellness and nutrition
  29. And Bonus speaker Janice Porter who will teach you all the secrets on how you can boost your business with the help of LinkedIn.

Talk about epic!!! 💣💥

This group of experts will give our listeners everything they need to burst through their income ceiling. Imagine the impact this summit will have on our listeners business. The combination of the unbeatable strategies and the mindset techniques will lead their business results to go through the roof.


With Love and Gratitude,

Miriam Villegas (Please see Miriam’s show with me Sara Troy here.



There are so many reasons to upgrade to VIP… Not only are there amazing offers in there, the money will also go to an incredible charity. March Of Dimes, the organization that helps moms when their baby is in the NICU. As I have experienced that on my own with my little one being in the NICU for 6 months I always love to give back to them because that organization has supported me so much through some of my darkest days.

What you will get when purchasing the VIP upgrade for only $47:

✨ Lifetime Access To Success By Design Summit Interview Recordings

✨ 30min Success By Design Call with Miriam (value $250)

✨ Your Personalized Manifestation Blueprint For Success (value $149)

✨ Ticket to event Business Success By Design on July 13th (value $597)

Speaker Bonuses:

✨ Valerie Hayes’ “Business Boost Problem Solving Session” (value $250)

✨ Stacey Hall’s eBook How to Reduce Your Email Anxiety, plus a strategy call (value $257)

✨ A 30 minute Strategy Session with Liz Wendling: “How to sell without selling your soul” (value $325)

✨ Catherine O’Leary’s course “Become a Client Whisperer” (value $497)

✨ Free Access to Kayla Burch’s Monthly Coaching Membership (value $597)

✨ 50% off Sara Troy’s Mentors & Practitioner’s Directory (value $388)

✨ Deb Drummond’s ebook “22 Ultrapreneurs” (value $25)