RG23-38. William Stevenson & Ricky’s Dream Trip.

Raising Our Gifted Children with Sara Troy, and her guest William Stevenson, on air from September 19th

 William Stevenson, who will talk about how a project created for his grandson turned into the imaginative and historical educational series, Ricky’s Dream Trip. I can send additional copies of the book for listener giveaway. 

In the series, “PopPop” travels with grandson Ricky around the world and throughout time, discovering Ancient China, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and Colonial America. They also blast off into outer space and dive under the sea. 

In our interview, William talks about how a simple book he created for his grandson evolved into a fully published and highly acclaimed children’s book series; the importance of grandparents reading with their grandkids; and why a sense of adventure and positivity should be a central theme in every child’s life. 

How a project created just for his grandson turned into publishing an entire children’s book series 

·         The “double message” for kids and readers

·         The importance of making the child the hero of their own story  

·         Why it’s important for grandparents to read to their grandchildren

·         Why educators love his books—perfect for the classroom and libraries

·         William has a doctorate in education which helped him craft the learning aspect of the stories 

·         The research he did in order to write about historical topics, including Julius Caesar escaping into the mountains as a teenager and King Tutankhamun and his lost cat 

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William Stevenson, Ed. D. is an acclaimed children’s book author and a retired award-winning accountant. His doctorate in education along with inspiration from his grandson Ricky, led him to write the Ricky’s Dream Trip book series. In this series, PopPop and Ricky go on adventures and discover Ancient China, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Colonial America, and even blast off into outer space and dive under the sea. The most recent book combines three adventures in Ricky’s Dream Trip: The Ancient Worlds of Egypt, Greece, and Rome





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