IG23-45. Eli Love, and School Of Hard Knocks

Ignite Your Heart and Soul with Sara Troy and her guest Eli Love, on air from November 7th

When I was 5 years old, I noticed the difference between adults and kids. In my child’s mind, adults were always grouchy and preoccupied, and kids were always happy, playful, and present. I made a promise to myself at that age to find out why that was so.
Little did I know that I had created a subconscious script to always notice what made people heal permanently. Not a medicine or mental technique, but what changed people from the heart for the better.
After decades of studying, I finally found out that it is the School Of Hard Knocks that changes people from the heart. There are countless stories of people going through years of hardships or a traumatic event that changed their lives in a profound way. I said to myself that there must be a better way.
At the age of 40 I found it. Children have it. We all had it, and then we got conditioned out of it. It is “Unconditional Expression.” The ability to express yourself positively or negatively until you are COMPLETELY finished and at peace. That is the magic of being a child. Leaving that process is what has created multiple levels of chaos and illness for us. Returning to it immediately creates spontaneous healings on all levels of our lives.
My mission in life is to share that with people and make this information mainstream in the public’s consciousness.

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I have been a private music teacher since the age of 13. I taught publicly for
25 years, and have performed musically around the world numerous times,
but my real passion lies in what makes people heal organically. I’ve been a
personal growth facilitator for the last 30 years sharing this work of
Unconditional Expression.

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