P15/04a A Womans Right to Freedom

Originally Aired from January 27th on Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Tasleem Mulhall 

Why this global problem of forcing a child into marriage robs many young girl’s life. It is still happening today in some cultures because it is tradition, how Tasleem changed that tradition in her own life and now speaks for the women of today to find empowerment over their own choices.  

 Tasleem Mulhall 

20535_104054679614820_3485037_nWhen Tasleem Mullhall ran away from home as a teenager to escape a forced marriage, she never dreamed that she’d end up as a respected campaigner for women’s rights and a very vocal and forthright speaker against forced marriages and child marriage as well.

Although Tasleem is probably best known as an internationally exhibited artist, most of her work has a common thread running through it. which might explain why she has become increasingly in demand in the political arena as women’s rights campaigner and especially as a speaker against child marriage. Images of these issues are a regular theme in her work and reveal why she is such a passionate speaker on the subject, feted by politicians, supported by ambassadors and courted by numerous charitable institutions, like the Freedom Charity .

She is an ambassador for Freedom Charity on forced marriage; a spokesperson on Child Marriage for Independent Yemen Group. She is also a trustee for the Carpe Diem Foundation Trust assisting deprived students to obtain grants to better their education. She also spoke on Female Genitalia Mutilaition at the International Women for Women and EBRD Conference last year and again for Safe Hands Foundation at the October Gallery.Tasleem so impressed the organizers when she spoke at the Early Child Marriage Conference held at the College of Westminster, that they asked her to include her speech as a transcript to submit to the Nigerian High Commissioner in London which will then be presented to the Nigerian Houses of Parliament in Nigeria for their Bill to change of the law on child marriage. She addressed MP’s in the Houses of Parliament on many occasions last year, most notably for the United Nations Human Rights Conference in 2013 and for the United Peace Federation and The Unity of Faiths Conference, as well as the Nigerian Women’s Forum NWIDLF in Westminster College.She then was then invited by START Foundation to take a workshop to an orphanage in Amman in Jordan, where she taught abused children and refugees to use the medium of art as a means to more freely express themselves. In her capacity as a women’s rights campaigner and child marriage spokesman she has appeared variously on Sky News on several occasions, the BBC News, BBC Asia, BBC World Service, BBC Radio 4, Left Avvenimenti , Italian newspaper, pitching the uk wordpress and the Mail on Sunday as well. She has spoken in many conferences like at The Centre for Parliamentary Studies where she spoke on the Key Speech on “Zero Tolerance in Tackling Forced Marriage and “Honour” BasedViolence”. She was also raised the issue of forced marriages at the Yemen International Conference at the London Middle East Institute. She raised the issue of child marriage again at the British Yemeni Society during their Yemeni Women Know Your Limit conference, as well as last years Magistrates Conference.  Tasleem support and volunteer to several charity search as The Womanity Foundation, The Victoria Foundation and Ham & Petersham Organisation SOS .


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Tasleem is Currently working on her book , but through art she gains her voice. ” Break The Tradition.”

Tasleem Mulhall is based in Redlees Studio where she showcases much of her work, from photography, oil paintings, and various sculptures from small clay models to giant metal statues. She is also highly proficient in performance art and believes this is another liberating means for artists to express themselves. She is the first British Yemeni female artist to be exhibited abroad and in many different mediums. Tasleem also works as a photojournalist . Tasleemʼs work often touches upon how women are depicted and treated in Arabic culture whilst still acknowledging that women are sexual beings. Many may think that such political polemy should have no place in art, but her work expresses the world as she has experienced it. For her it is the truth. Tasleemʼs art may be controversial but it has not stopped her being active within Yemeni organisations in Britain and with the ambassadorʼs office in London. While there are aspects of Yemeni culture that she objects to, such as much of the treatment of women, she is still proud of her heritage.

Tasleem is honoured to be held as the first British Yemeni female artist to ever hold a solo exhibition and did so in fine style in Mayfair, London.

12039328_1003727736314172_4230841348200641377_nJust as the driving force behind Tasleem l the campaigner is her political orientations so it is also with Tasleem the artist which all her work and exhibitions reflect either directly or as a subtext. Tasleem Mulhall receive great review from the art credits and she was the first British female artist to be on the cover of Migrant Woman Magazine and Yemen Today Magazine .

Tasleem also exhibited in Embassy Tea Gallery, Bounds/Bonds Mayfair, Studio1.1, The East India Dock, The Chart Gallery, The Big Deal in Q Park, she exhibited in the Open Studio, Redlees Studios, The Bentall Centre, The Treaty Centre, and many other outlets in the Richmond and Twickenham areas including the Laurel.Salon, and Acena on the Hill. As well as exhibiting at the Artists Message of Peace at the Hundred Years Gallery and donated works for the Mystery Art for Youth Exhibition at the Royal College of Art.




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