15/14 Making Meaning from Metaphor –

Everyday Happiness: The Pajama Podcasts with Vicki McLeod: When a butterfly isn’t just a butterfly. Aired April 7th. 

423051_296290807099600_144226188972730_842888_1043968705_nIn this week’s episode, host Vicki McLeod explores how metaphor can help us understand what is trying to get our attention. She discusses personal symbology, and the collective unconscious, and how we can access emerging wisdom and gain insight into what is trying to happen in our lives by paying attention to seemingly abstract signals.


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2 thoughts on “15/14 Making Meaning from Metaphor –

  1. Great podcast today! Love the subject of metaphors and the poetry of our minds. There is so much to be mindful of but it requires paying attention, staying still long enough to give our attention to what our subconscious is conjuring. Soul work is juicy (for me), yet I keep it at bay sometimes… There is something for me to look at in that action too…. Your podcasts are wise, revealing and authentic.. Keeps me coming back.

    • Faye, that you for your lovely words – and I know what you mean about sometimes keeping this juicy work at bay. t is where we enter the great mystery that is us – it is vast and yet reassuring, too. So much appreciate your wisdom.

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