YH23-39. Dee Lippingwell and Your Liver Care

Your Health is Your Choice with Sara Troy and her guest Dee Lippingwell, on air from September 25th

The Real Truth is there are over 100 known causes of liver disease that affect everyone from infants to seniors. One in 10 people will suffer from it. Liver disease is not just with Rock and Roll stars, but anyone can have it. Have you had the blood test that can save your life? Do not delay, it could be life or death.

The liver is an organ about the size of a football. It sits just under your rib cage on the right side of your abdomen. The liver is essential for digesting food and ridding your body of toxic substances.

Liver disease can be inherited (genetic). Liver problems can also be caused by a variety of factors that damage the liver, such as viruses, alcohol use and obesity.

Over time, conditions that damage the liver can lead to scarring (cirrhosis), which can lead to liver failure, a life-threatening condition. But early treatment may give the liver time to heal.

Many people have only heard of Cirrhosis which is often considered to be a form of liver disease. Cirrhosis is not a form of liver disease, it is a condition that results from permanent damage or scarring of the liver. It is the end stage of many different forms of liver disease and is known to cause a number of other health problems. You can learn more about Cirrhosis at HealthLinkBC

Some of the most frequent liver diseases are usually caused by one of these factors:
Viral hepatitis (Hepatitis A, B and C)Obesity (fatty liver disease) Alcohol Genetics Autoimmune disorders of the liver Drugs and toxins Cancer

Liver disease doesn’t always cause noticeable signs and symptoms. If signs and symptoms of liver disease do occur, they may include:

  • Skin and eyes that appear yellowish (jaundice)
  • Abdominal pain and swelling
  • Swelling in the legs and ankles
  • Itchy skin
  • Dark urine color
  • Pale stool color
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Tendency to bruise easily

The Happy Liver Society of BC is a non-profit society focused on providing housing to support patients and their families from all over British Columbia as they need to travel to Vancouver General Hospital for a life-saving Liver Transplant.  Liver transplant patients must stay in Vancouver for up to three months following their transplant for post-transplant care as an out-patient.

The Happy Liver Society opened Stacey House in September 2008 — a “home away from home” for post-operative liver transplant patients. It is located one block away from Vancouver General Hospital. Stacey House is a one-bedroom apartment that will sleep up to four people. The Happy Liver Society of BC provides for the rent and utilities of this suite.

The Happy Liver Society is raising funds to support Stacey House and to promote awareness of liver disease to the greater public. We promote immunization for Hepatitis A and B, testing of all people for Hepatitis C, and early screening and detection of liver disease in general.

Dee her self compromised her Liver, not through booze but through Idiophone

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In 2022 Dee’s collection of thousands of photographs was accepted into the National Music Centre – Studio Bell – in Calgary, Alberta, where a special section will be dedicated to her vast collection of photographs for all to see.
Although Dee’s work has been published all over the world since the start of her career she is definitely proud of the fact that she was a featured photographer in the best-selling “Expo Celebration Book” published in 1986. Her photographs were also a main feature of another best-selling book by Greg Potter and Red Robinson – “Backstage Vancouver”, published in 2004. She was also a substantial contributor to the “100 Years of Fun – The PNE Story”, released in 2011. Most recently Dee was part of the “Live at the Commodore” historical rendition by Aaron Chapman.
In 1987 Dee published her first book of photographs called “The Best Seat In The House”… a title since used by major companies to promote their own products! This book was a collection of her best photos of rock and roll royalty to that date. She started her own publishing company (No Flash Publishing) and compiled photos and stories for her second book, “First three Sons…No Flash!” which not only highlights the famous performers that she’s shot but also deals with the behind-the-scenes, sometimes amusing, stories associated with her concert photos…it seems that everyone wants to know what it’s like backstage with the Rolling Stones!
In 2021 Dee published “Memories From The Mountain”, a photographic essay depicting the 17 years (1993-2009) that she was the head photographer for the Merritt Mountain Music Festival. This was a Limited Edition printing and sold out quickly so another book was published featuring all the artists that performed over the year.

Just a sample of some of the greats Dee has captured over the years.

These books, a gallery of Limited Edition photos that she has for sale, find all her goodies here. Signed Books T-shirts. Tote-bags Scarves


Happy Liver Society – Non-profit society focused on providing housing for Liver patients




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