15/28 Trump verses Uniting Nations

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imagesIt is all over the news Donald Trump is running for president of America. As a Canadian I see someone  who segregates and not units and his comments are most disturbing. He has been fired from NBC and people are up in arms against his attack on Mexicans, yet he still goes on and on.

Do listen to his interview with Bill Mayer and you will see for your self, then look at this wonderful movie called “Spare Parts” on 4 young illegals Hispanic high school students from a robotics club. With no experience, 800 bucks, used car parts and a dream, this rag tag team goes up against the country’s reigning robotics champion, MIT.

We can achieve against all odds but first we must put aside our differences and unit in a common goal, to em-better lives every where no matter race sex income education or religion. We all need a purpose a reason for being, we along for respect and self value we all long to be seen heard and loved, we all long to love life.


Spare Parts Movie trailer

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Donald Trump turned 69 this week on June 14. His birthdate explains exceptionally well why he’s a savvy businessman with a relentless drive to be successful (and make lots of dough).

Not only does his date of birth add to a 4 (he’s a 31/4 Life Theme Number) but he also has double 4’s on his birth chart. What does this mean?

The 4 is known as the materialistic number being the middle physical plane digit. When there is an overabundance of the 4, as in the case with Mr. Trump, achievement in the materialistic realm and seeking to acquire more physical things can dominate their lives.

Interestingly, Donald is also missing all the soul plane numbers. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a soul, on the contrary. He is actually very emotionally sensitive because people with the Arrow of Hypersensitivity (missing 2, 5, 8) tend to put up walls to keep from getting hurt emotionally. This definitely explains his tight-lipped, stiff persona.

Behind closed doors, with those he is closest to, Donald is likely much more openly loving and affectionate (imagine that!).

3 thoughts on “15/28 Trump verses Uniting Nations

  1. Actually Sara, Donald Trump has a great deal of sensitiveness with 3 major Cancer planets, and Moon Capricorn. His Leo ascendant gives his flamboyant style, but he speaks the truth. Knowing the illegal status particularly in California and the crime associated with them- he is right. then their is the disease brought in by them- he is right. The doctors are very concerned particularly with a new strain of polio brought in. Bill Mayer has an agenda like most of mainstream American media and it is biased towards Democrats. Americans are finally waking up to the fact that Obama is not working for Americans. Trump is gaining popularity, maybe he needs a speech writer , but knowing him he wouldn’t stick with what’s written. But one thing is he is right , and he cares about America.

    • He may be right about some facts, but he has no tact and wars have been started on less. A good leader states the problems and offers solutions not dam a whole race. His ego is not his friend in my opinion, and he could do mote harm that good.

    • Actually he did not dam a whole race , he dammed the illegals who were (are) criminals and the media took it from there. Yes he has an ego, but the mainstream media is bought and sold by the democrats. Wars have not been started by just a lack of tact , or we would be fighting. Korea right now. people would be fighting the US with the lack of tact from Obama and Clinton. You may not like Trump, and he may or may not have a chance to win, but by his numbers and by his chart he cares enough for the country to state truths not colour coat what is happening in America.

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