MISJUDGEMENTS -by Lidia Frederico

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People live their entire lives for mistakes. They think they got “the skein yarn” means of control, leading the predictable life. Well, life is not predictable nor does it have to be. If God has placed you in a world in trouble, it’s because he knows that by trying to overcome obstacles you are getting smarter, intelligent, you evolve and become stronger.   You are able to connect and resolve issues within your soul – it’s wonderful.

God has allowed experiences/issues/challenges to come your way so that you can evolve and at times to clear karma from past lives, and what do you do?  You activate the control side of you and spend your life doing and devising strategies to ward off problems, to avoid them. Those who avoid problems do not evolve!  You have to face your fear of eternal loss.

If you understand that nothing belongs to you and in your heart you start feeling, feeling that all you think you have is actually borrowed throughout life, your lifetime, you then never lose anything, and thus will not need to defend or control. Fear of losing creates a need to control and that control generates frustrating situations in your life, where you hurt and in turn hurt others because you create a block in your life and the force of life stops and blocks. So in order for you to flow in the river of life and for your path to return to its right way, it is imperative that you stop controlling and start observing life.

Bring forward the signs of change and therefore transformation.  Accept that, for you to stop controlling, you have to learn to lose. The loss is directly linked to the fluidity of life, with happiness. This will never make you a loser or a winner – as you are in your right path in life, learning to “lose”, to lose what’s no longer needed for your evolution. People think that in order for them to be completely happy, they must have it all, they have to win, they have to have what they want and have it their way, but in fact when they find themselves, when they connect in spirit to Universe/God with what all that they are, they must learn to lose so they can win.

When this mistake is reviewed, when one really comprehends that winning and to keep on winning, has to do with their own exterior self-esteem (self-esteem means, you like yourself for what you have in your heart, and not liking yourself for what you think you want to be), when you realize, all returns to the place that was to be from the day that you lost your way and you then begin to tread the true path of true and pure happiness, the happiness that you have from pure love.

by Lidia Frederico May 2007

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