C16-39b Charge What You’re Worth & Uplevel Your Income

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Kimberley Lovell airs from September 27th on. 

Transform Your Unconscious Money Beliefs, Charge What You’re Worth & Uplevel Your Income

       Learn How Your Unconscious Beliefs Are Sabotaging Your Relationship with Money
•       Clear Oaths, Vows, Contracts Related to Money (vows of Poverty, Struggle, Sacrifice)
•       Discover The Wealthy Business Goddess™ Mindset

Money is not the problem it never has been, it is the way we see money that is the issue. Are you charging what your worth? Are you inviting abundance in your life? Or are you struggling with the whole concept of money? Is it something  you just wish you would not have to deal with? 

Spiritual people some times have a stigma with money, we are taught that money is bad if your spiritual, but money is but a tool to help you fulfil your divine purpose,  for abundance in heart and soul should also bring abundance into your financial life. Let go of the fear of money and allow it to flow.


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KimberleyLovell circleKimberley Lovell is an International Medium, Medical Intuitive Healer, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Cert Science and Master Theta Healing® Practitioner and Instructor.  A Transformational Coach, Trainer & Holistic Business Mentor with a background in Psychotherapy and Coaching.  Kimberley started on her spiritual pathway over 30 years ago, working as a Medium and Healer with Spirit.  Having trained in and taught many healing modalities, she has read and worked with thousands of clients worldwide in person, via phone and skype during this time. Kimberley’s mission is to transform world consciousness, creating a heaven on earth for all. Kimberley has an international client base and loves to work with heart centred Women Entrepreneurs; Healers, Therapists, Coaches, Spiritual Entrepreneurs, worldwide to help them step more purposefully into their leadership and spiritual mission to manifest the life and business of their dreams while transforming the world and making fabulous money.

She has trained with many USA and UK Business Mentors, studied the art of Niche, Branding, Sales, Marketing, and is a Certified Money, Marketing and Soul Coach trained in the Money Breakthrough Method, Niche Marketing, Branding With Archetypes and Sacred Money Archetypes. Her clients regularly double, triple and quadruple their income whilst creating the life and business of their dreams in her Wealthy Business Goddess Groups & Programmes.

Her past show with me on Archetypes   GO HERE

For further information regarding Kimberley’s work please visit her website.

Email: Kimberley@kimberleylovell.co.uk

Website: KimberleyLovell.com



Facebook: Kimberley.Lovell

YouTube: KimberleyLovell

Twitter: kimberleyloveII    

Pinterest: kimberleylovell

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