ECO17-001 Energime University Mentoring a New Generation.

ECO-SOLUTIONS with Sara Troy and her guest Bill Sosinsky aired from January 3rd/17.


 Energime University Launch:

What would happen if we suddenly made specific education and training that supports sustainable economic development and environmental stewardship available to everyone, everywhere? What effect would it have on our ability to re-establish a sustainable balance back to our planet?

Energime University has the single mission of providing the means by which we mentor and empower our global population with the critical skills necessary to carry out this monumental effort. By creating a central education platform that connects the world in a unified and structured approach, we can manage our finite resources and protect our fragile environment. Energime University will prepare our future workforce by establishing a learning annexeworldwidede through a vast inter-connective partnership. This network will be supported by a growing and robust online capability created to foster this global collaborative effort.

14872424_1181776028596492_1791289057_nRight now the Energime University Platform is in its initial development period which has taken the better part of two years and should be fully operation by the fall of 2017. This process will include populating the site with courses offered and taught by our many Education/training partners, the development of our own core platform, and the full implementation of the interconnected support network that composes the Energime Community.

To be clear, Energime University currently offers courses and content on a non-accredited basis.  It is our plan to be a fully accredited education/training platform in the next few years once we expand our curriculum sufficiently and acquire an existing College/University through which we will offer those accredited courses.  That being said, many of the courses we will and currently offer are the same courses taught at major Universities on an accredited basis. It is our plan to offer this exceptional content at greatly reduced prices(Or free to those who cannot afford)to students and workers globally such that we can spread this knowledge. That empowerment is our core mission, not providing the means by which a student acquires an MBA.


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Bill is also the Founder, Co-Owner, and CEO of The Energime Family of Companies including Energime Sustainable Technologies, Energime Power, Energime Energy Efficiency, and is the Chairman of the Board for The Energime Foundation.

bill-self-portrait-e1446056335584-2Bill is a published author having written “The World We Leave Our Children” as well as many articles on the subjects of resource management and the environment. He served as the opinion editor for EcoSeed writing articles on Integrated Sustainable Design, Green Investment, Sustainable Economics, Advanced Food Production, Global Agricultural Trends, and Advanced Waste Management. A sitting board member on the Lifeboat Foundation Sustainability Board, African Sustainable Development Council, Member of the United Nations Academic Impact, as well as many other environmental and humanitarian groups and organizations. He is also a regular contributor on the subject of energy conservation and advanced retrofitting of the built environment for several periodicals.

Bill has been a proponent of sustainable growth and renewable energy since the early 1970s. As a young student, he attended Elizabeth Irwin/ Little Red School House in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. Later he went on to attend Stuyvesant High School for math and science and was in the first graduating class of the New York City, City-As-School experimental program for gifted students. After academic work at the SUNY Binghamton School of Business for undergraduate studies, and NYU Graduate School, he started Environomic Solutions, an early version of Energime. Bill’s credits also include stints at the Henry George School of Economics, working for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New York City Bicentennial Corporation, NYPIRG, and composing and producing sound tracks for television and film. In 2005, Bill began creating the structure and building the core relationships that would become Energime Sustainable Technologies and the Energime Companies. Bill has a strong background and extensive practical experience in economics, economic theory, marketing, business development, renewable energy, agriculture, aquaculture, waste management technologies, integrated sustainable design, environmental sciences, building energy efficiency and water conservation, project management, education, and communications.




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