C17-19a Vintage Matchmaking, Mixing the Old and New with Priya

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Priya, on air from May 9th

Vintage Matchmakers are all about adding a refreshing, modern twist to old-fashioned dating. With the digital age leading today’s love scene, online dating has become an incredibly popular method to meeting potential partners – and, for many, an incredibly tiresome and unpromising investment. This is where we come in. In addition to helping you find your ideal partner, Vintage Matchmakers will also help to take care of the challenges that come with online dating by providing individual face-to-face consultations and setting updates both you and your partner can enjoy. Here, we are dedicated to finding the perfect, long-term partner for you without any stress and hard work on your end.


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Priya is a psychology graduate from the UK with a proven interest in anything and everything to do with love (fun fact: she has also completed an intense relationship science program). Priya is committed to making dating more than just a means to short-term flings and one-night stands. She’s studied all the shortcomings of the conventional online dating system – from the pointless back and forth messaging to the lack of focus on long-term relationships – and has seen numerous online relationships dissolve to nothing. With Vintage Matchmaking, she’s making it her mission to bring back the spark in old-fashioned dating and to infuse it into the lives of people who want and deserve quality relationships.:

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