My Leap of Faith, Trusting the Universe with my Mission

So what is on my mind? Well, a lot, I have made a commitment to go to Toronto to further the radio stations cause and I have no idea where to start except to land there. I KNOW CRAZY YES? But it is a gut feeling, I believe the people I need to further Self Discovery’s Community mission lay in Toronto.

It is in the vibrations of the city, the getup and do vibe that I seek. I love Vancouver BC Canada, and I will come home once my work is stable, but I have found it hard here to get things moving at the speed they need to move. So, one goes where the energy is in hopes of tapping into it.

When you’re on a mission that you believe in so much, you can’t help but look for the fuel it needs. I have been doing this for so long alone, that I know I can’t keep it up and do it justice with just me. I believe I have a platform that works, we are a radio blog network that stands for integrity authenticity and inner love honesty and service to others, everyone interviewed has taken or is on their own Self Discovery journey and has faced challenges which has given them the knowingness and tools to helps others on the brink of that journey.

I am truly privileged to meet and interview such awesome people who have changed my life and the lives of others, they have given me hope, shown me the way forward, shared their skills with me, and my listeners,  it is truly an honour to share their stories their tools their passion in helping others. It reminds us that we have more good people in the world than bad and that no matter where or when you come from, there is always a way forward to a better life with the right attitude and gratitude and belief in ones’ self.

So, I take this leap of faith blind deaf and dumb in order to see hear and feel in trust that I will land safely where I am meant to be with the right people in the right consciousness to collaborate with me.

It is a leap of faith, as yet I have no home to go to, no one to meet to set me on my way and of cause no money to sustain me, but still I go, in knowingness that I will find that roof over my head, those people who are ready to align and the vibrant energy to propel it all forward.

Why such faith? Because my gut tells me so because it feels right because people need good people to step up and also on a selfish note to have time with my beautiful daughter Tabytha before she goes to New Zealand.

So, I ask the universe to guide me to a home, guide me to those souls who wish to participate in our community and to give me time with my girl. On another note, it is time I have a personal life, for I have not dated in 11 years, and wonder if love still out there for me? One never knows until we invite what is possible right!

So here goes, I am being brazen enough to ask for support for this mission, so if you believe in what I am doing your support is most welcome.

Self Discovery Community