CA 18-03 The Ascension of our Thoughts into Positive Things

Channeling Ascensions with Sara Troy, Christina Hill and her spirit Athella with their guest, Neomaya Davila aka Neo Positivity on-air January 16TH 

  Redirecting our EGO thoughts to productive thoughts in this new year.

Sara says, “Thoughts do become actions so how do we ascend our thoughts into being positive actions that serve not only us but our community? On this show today you will hear from my co-hosts Christina Hill and her spirit Angel Athella and our guest who is also a host on Self Discovery Radio on Thoughts Become Things Neomaya Davila aka Neo Positivity

I believe we are in an era of action and that if chosen our thoughts can propel us into a positive action, but it is our choice it after all our thoughts that dictate our actions. So I ask you to be mindful of those thoughts and steer them in the right direction of positive actions.”

Christina says “Did you know that thinking is an activity, and the body is the manifestation of that activity? You are literally an energy field that vibrates, and whatever thoughts you choose to think, that will emit the frequency that will change everything in your world from within and without.

Knowing this kind of information is PRICELESS! Yes, we have all heard it before, think positive because thoughts become things—but are we really living this? How do we get to a place in our lives where we are originating/redirecting our own thoughts, observing and releasing thoughts that don’t serve us, and holding only the thoughts that we really want on the screen of our beautiful mind? Tune in as we discover how we can learn to control our own thinking and turn it off altogether and hang out in the Formless (aka “no thought” land)!”

NEO SAYS, “If you’ve ever been alone in a struggle then found out that you weren’t alone, it’s an amazing feeling. Life in itself is a huge struggle for a large percentage of the population. But struggle or not, you are not alone. A friend is a phone call away. Hope that you can change your thought process from the mental torture that it might be now to peaceful moments is a phone call away.

Your smile is a phone call away. You are not alone.”



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