RC19-16 A Child Seen and Heard is watering the Loving seeds of tomorrow

Rising our gifted children and the Forgotten Children series with Sara Troy and her guest Deedra Nichole, on air April 16th

Kingdom Kids Ministry serving the children.

Every child’s desire is to be seen. They need to know someone cares about their struggles and that someone believes in their abilities. Kingdom Kids gives children in our local area a place to discover how to rise above their current situations. A place to experience more and learn how to connect with others. We see each child as a gift from God who is worthy to be loved and protected.

Kingdom Kids mission statement is: To provide a safe place for children to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes with guidance while learning who God is and who he is to them.

The making of Miss Dee started eleven years ago when Deedra Mosley found herself a single mother with two daughters to raise. Suffering from a broken marriage and struggling to find something that would fill her heart with joy it was suggested she become one of the Sunday School leaders at a local church. Eleven years of Sunday School, Children’s Church, Vacation Bible School, and now Kingdom Kids services later Deedra has found her heart’s calling in children’s ministry.

Today she is called Miss Dee by a score of children who are blessed by the outreach she is a part of. With the help of Onas Hanekamp, her soon to be husband, Miss Dee is changing the lives of local children by giving them her time. Each week during the Kingdom Kids program, at the church she and her beloved attend, they minister to the needs of children from diverse backgrounds. Many of these children come from troubled homes, broken families, and are longing for someone to give them a safe place to be seen and heard.

Using art, music, and Bible stories Miss Dee and Mr. Onas share the love of God with the local youth. They help the children find their happy place to carry them through the challenges of the week. The program gives these children a chance to express themselves through arts and crafts, music, and acting out stories from the Bible.

Miss Dee has a unique view of the children she helps instruct. She believes that you get out of the children what you put into them. Going into the classes Miss Dee looks at each child as talented and able to be the best version of themselves. It is her personal belief that every child can learn and that teaching the children to love learning is the most important part of being their leader.



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Deedra Nichole is a mother of two teenage daughters, soon to be step-mom and wife, and has been an active part of children’s ministry work in Knott and Floyd Counties in Eastern Kentucky. Deedra knew from a young age that she wanted to be a wife and a mother. Children have a special place in her heart, and she has been blessed to have the opportunity to share maternal love with many children over the years.

Born Deedra Hamilton she lost her father to suicide at the age of eighteen. Her name changed to Deedra Mosley which she kept, for the sake of her children, after her marriage had failed. Now come September she once more will change her name to Deedra Hanekamp. This journey of heartbreak, broken family, and discovery of a healing love has brought her to a place that helps her understand the challenges many of the children and their families face. Her journey has shaped her ministry and gives her the ability to show compassion to those she serves.

Deedra Nichole is the owner of Deedra Nichole Editing and a published author and artist. She has worked in the writing industry since 2011. It is her personal desire to encourage others to be the voice for those who can’t speak for themselves. Everyone has a part to play in the shaping of the future. Deedra Nichole believes the children are our future and we are called to actively see their needs and meet them. Every child should be seen. No child should be forgotten or neglected. In 2020 Deedra Nichole will be releasing a book written for those who have lost a loved one to suicide.








Deedra Nichole is an indie author, artist, and illustrator that has built a career out of publishing her own dark and mysterious works, as well as mentoring and supporting other upcoming indie authors through her website, blog, and Facebook writing group. Dedicated to expanding her own repertoire of novels and poetry collections, she explores themes of the tenebrous and enigmatic, the mystifying and hidden. Join her today on this journey into the unknown!

Deedra is an editor by trade and there will be a show on that coming in fall, but her passion is in lifting the wonderment and spirits of children.