IG 19-16 Joy Resor “How You Can Learn To Be At Peace With Yourself”

      Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest Joy Resor, on air from April 16th

                                           How You Can Learn To Be At Peace With Yourself

                                    Designed To Shine! Read Aloud Rhymes For Any Size Heart

We all ultimately wish for peace. The trouble is that we are taught to believe that our “battles” need to be “fought” and “won” to earn it.

But what if our steps towards peace were instead steps of observing and dissolving those battles, outdated belief systems, and paradigms that no longer serve us and returning to centre?

We just have to be willing to not “fight the fight” and to not pick our battles. All we have to do is be willing to choose peace instead.



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Joy Resor a spiritual counsellor, and the founder of Joy On Your Shoulders, and the author of the new children’s book, Designed To Shine! Read-Aloud Rhymes For Any Size Heart, Joy Resor, and together, we are going to share how you can learn to be at peace with yourself.

Joy is a spiritual counsellor, children’s author and joy-bringer, who inspires love, peace, and joy on the path of those she encounters every day. Joy lives in North Carolina, where she hula hoops in sunbeams, writes books that inspire folks to a deeper life of love and shares adventures with her partner, Michael. Joy’s inner child will share laughter with you at any moment!

Author, Joyful Wares, Spiritual Director, Ordained Minister.
Joy’s books
Go In Joy!  An Alphabetical Adventure – essays, poems and questions inspiring readers into deeper joy and to loving life. 
Go In Joy!  Venture to Your Center    Journaling Prompts to Enliven
Your Joy – a journal filled with topics/questions, enabling the reader to learn more about themselves.
Designed to SHINE!  Read Aloud Rhymes for Any Size Heart
A fully illustrated book of meaningful rhymes and art for your heart to enjoy with children or alone.