WJ19=30. 5 Most Important Aspects to Getting Well

This week on The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods Mullins and her guest Dan Young, they discuss the 5 aspects of getting well. ON air from July 23rd

At mid-life many of us are looking for the panacea for wellness.  We want to know how can we ward off those extra pounds?  How can we get a good nights sleep without the sweats and tossing and turning?  What can we do to increase our energy and lessen our fatigue?  These are just a few of the questions that plaque mid-lifers.  The good news is according to Dan Young, a Board Certified Naturopath, there are 5 things we can do that can increase our wellness and minimize and in most cases remove many of these symptoms.  In this interview, Dan covers these five things and shares great information about living a well life in mid-life. 



For the past 20 years, Dan Young who is a  Board Certified Naturopath,  family business, Original Remedies, Health and Wellness S[ace centers around 3 key components: First – The Clinical Component, Country Doctor Nutritional Center in Cheyenne, WY. was established in 1998 in Torrington, WY. later moving to Cheyenne. Our office is working on its third generation of practitioners bringing Original Remedies to people. These Original Remedies are actual solutions not bandaids for people’s health. To date, Dan has accumulated over 25 thousand clinical hours of hands-on experience with helping people with all types of chronic illness regain and experience superior health. The outreach of these Original Remedies, Natures Response to Chronic Illness, is needed in every community in America. Second – The Manufacturing Component, Country Doctor Herbals, INC. Our facility adheres to GMP as laid out by the FDA. Our Herbal Based Dietary Supplements have stood the test of time by consumers all over the world for Purity, Potency and Performance. These Original Remedies can be traced back as far as mans earliest recorded history, hence the name, Original Remedies. Third – The Mentorship Component – Because of the overwhelming success our clinic continues to enjoy, we want to give back by making it possible for ALL Nutrition minded Practitioners to experience the business of their dreams. Many come out of school enhanced healers and have ZERO clues how to Create, Market, Manage, Grow or Sustain an actual Wellness Practice. Practice BluePrint is making this possible with our 6 Day Intensive Hands-On Mentorship Program.

For details and a syllabus overview, contact danyoungbcn@gmail.com Our motto: “We walk students into professional mastery so the may run at any pace they choose.” Hands-on clinical experience combined with our proven education platform for achieving maximum results has no equal in the Nutritional Therapy industry.

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