YH20-29 Awakening You with Anna Orlinska

Your Health is your Choice with Sara Troy and her guest Anna Orlinska, on air from July 14th.

Weight Loss is not only about losing pounds but about losing the emotional weight we carry around that is blocking our well beingness.

Anna says “In my youth, my wakeup call came after a failed suicide attempt. I decided to choose life then I began my journey towards true holistic health: mind, body, and spirit.’ Weight Loss is not only about losing pounds but about losing the emotional weight we carry around that is blocking our well beingness.

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As journeys are, it wasn’t seamless and along the way.  I battled depression, eating disorders and negative self-image.  Though each experience may have been challenging in the moment, each was a gift as they provided me with opportunities for growth and the opportunity to learn the tools I now use to coach others.

My daughters are the big why behind what I do. My struggles with depression, unhealthy eating habits and weight gain began in childhood. My biggest motivation is to give them the tools and knowledge they need to navigate their own self-growth so that they don’t have to go through the same struggle I did.  

I lead through example – both in my own personal habits – and through my work helping others do the same.  

Through my professional training in counseling, holistic life coaching, sports nutrition, personal training and Reiki – I offer personalized and progressive workouts and diet guides – along with support in the emotional, mental, and spiritual journey that comes with diet and exercise, weight loss and overall health.  

When we clear negative beliefs and messages, eating healthy and leading an active lifestyle becomes automatic and fun and something you want to do as oppose to feel you have to do.   

It is my mission and passion to help women reach their place of optimal health, self-love and life happiness. 

Facebook Group:

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups

Name:  Weight Loss through “Happiness First” – A support group for women

The purpose of this group is to provide genuine weight loss and diet tips while offering support and education.

I started this group as part of my personal mission and passion to help women reach their place of optimal health, self-love and life happiness. I believe that the messages we receive from advertising, entertainment and our culture are damaging, and this group is my project to bring some light and awareness.

* Stress-Free * Energy & Vitality * Happiness * Empowerment & Confidence * Healthy Living *Weight Loss

This group will provide:

  • Education:  Get tips & tricks and real advice from experts
  • Motivation:  Participate in challenges that help motivate
  • Support:  A safe and friendly place to share your stories and is coming up for you while receiving safe and genuine support and to share and offer your support to others