21-08 Knowledge Overload not Discerned

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from February 23rd

There is so much information out there, that it is hard to know what we should hear and what to dismiss. It is so easy with everything at one’s fingertips, click here click there and everything you want to know is there, or is it really.

Just because we have so much knowledge at our fingertips, does not mean that all knowledge is for us at the time. Our heads are filled with data, so much info in there, but what is prevalent to the now is the question, the answer is your knowingness. You knowingness is your soul, gut instincts, consciousness speaking to an open heart, which ignites the spirit into action and extracts what data it needs from the mind.

I own and run a Podcast network, I have collectively over 2700 shows here filled with incredible knowledge and wisdom, but that does not mean every show is for you. We have to be willing to do our own research, and allow certain titles, topics, genres to stick out to us, for that is what you need to know in the now.

Many people listen to everything, and yet they still can’t move forward because they are stuck in the knowledge and not hearing which applies to their action. Knowledge for knowledge shake is futile, knowledge that allows us to take positive action is progress and that is how we move forward.

We do not watch every show on T.V of Netflix etc, we discern what we wish to see by how we feel. So why can’t we do the same with all the knowledge out there and pick what we need to know in the now? We are not meant to be Google or Alexa, we need to pick the wisdom that applies to us and that will stimulate and help us move forward.

I feel that a blank space of nothingness is a good way to hear what your soul is saying to us and what we need to know to take Actionism. When I am buying a book, or listening to a podcast/youtube, I allow my senses to guide me, for they know what I need in that time and what will serve me best.

So don’t get overloaded, listen to the silence, be still, be willing to cruise the info, like podcast lists, books, etc, and see what sticks out to you, then listen/read, hear and apply it to your kit of wisdom for your journey in life. I have so many shows here on Self Discovery Media, and they are filled with abundant wisdom and profound knowledge, but do they all apply to you? No, there are many shows that will be your inspiration, be your guide, redirect you and show you the tools for your own journey, so deduce which ones apply, then listen/read, etc and then it will truly be the wisdom you need to hear in the now.

The universal energy is open and ready to guide us with the divine intellect. So please be open to what you do not know, what you feel you can’t understand and trust your gut (knowingness) to show you a way into wisdom, for that it were to real truth lies.

Sara’s View of Life


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