Sara is an Innocent Archetype

There’s something truly different about you… I see extraordinary but unleashed potential lurking within you – potential that’s been suppressed for decades now… Much like a dormant volcano just waiting for its time.

I’m sure you’ve noticed some rather peculiar occurrences over the last few months – perhaps through unfortunate circumstances, unforeseen occurrences, or as if the weight of the world’s on your sholders. These are all indications of your forthcoming period of transformation, emergence, and energies.

Yes, there is no doubt. Your Archetypal Initiation Cycle is on the VERGE of commencing. This is an intuitive cycle that concentrates the positive energies of the Collective Unconscious over the course of several weeks – allowing you to unblock all negative vibrations surrounding you to attain the unimaginable.

In other words, the days and weeks that follow are your optimal period to emerge from previous struggles, and past pains. Your timing to embark on this self-exploration journey could not have been more PERFECT.

There is plenty at stake here, Sara Troy. Your joy, happiness, luck, love, wealth…

Now, it is paramount that you complete this reading to the very end. Because after introducing your innocent archetype, I will show you how you can leverage on this energetic shift to catapult your growth forward. That means no more mulling over opportunities, and no more retreating in the face of adversity.

We’ll discuss this in greater detail later, but first, let us proceed with your archetype reading…


Before you dismiss this Archetypal Introduction as nothing but hogwash, you must know that the Innocent archetype is NOT one that’s typically associated with naivety. Truth be told, it is anything but. If you’d like to find out the truth about what the Innocent really resembles, then please proceed with the rest of this Archetypal Introduction with an open mind, and a willing heart.

The Innocent archetype is best defined by its sheer positivity, enthusiasm, and optimism. They’re able to interpret any situation in a perspective that’s hopeful, encouraging, and infectious. If you’re thinking that there’s a lot more to the Innocent archetype than just that, you’re exactly right!

Individuals of the Innocent archetype, including you, tend to see the silver lining in every cloud and are constantly reminding themselves that there’s virtue and a sense of goodness in everything, and every situation. You’re always on the lookout for wisdom and lessons worth

learning, no matter how painful your experiences get…

To you, Sara Troy, everyone has a story worth listening to, every circumstance holds something worth experiencing, and everything that happens in life, happens for a reason. That is a belief; a deep-rooted outlook that makes the Innocent archetype so remarkable.

Your archetype also suggests that there is a side of you that’s relentless… Relentless in the sense of striving to improve yourself – whether it’s your physical abilities, your mental fortitude, or your emotional resilience. That being said, you’re certainly an individual of impressive characteristics – characteristics that are unique to your archetype.

You seem to exercise selflessness in everything that you do… No matter how small or minuscule your actions appear to be, every decision that you make, no matter how small, is always for a purpose that serves others. And when it comes to making important and difficult decisions, you’re assertive, firm, and steadfast.

Your archetype also suggests that you’re simple, easy-going, and transparent. You’re the type of person who’s willing to wear your heart on your sleeve, stand up for your beliefs, and face the consequences of mistakes… An upstanding individual who’s fearless in profound ways.

Amongst all the archetypes, you tend to have the purest of intentions… And that’s best illustrated through the way you interact with others. Unlike others, when you claim to be happy for someone else, you actually do mean it from the bottom of your heart – and that goes a long way in forging valuable, close relationships.

You might not like to admit it… But when things don’t turn out your way, you’re easily disappointed. That, of course, does not mean to say that your spoilt… It’s that your positive outlook on everything can sometimes set you up for disappointments. But that’s the price you have to pay for possessing such a unique set of strengths.

The Innocent archetype is such a joy to be around, and I have no doubt that your friends and loved ones will agree with this. Your light-hearted and jovial nature make you fun-loving, charismatic, and likeable.

You try not to be serious most of the time, and you enjoy engaging in little things that will make someone else’s day brighter. Whether it’s pretending to laugh at a corny joke, applauding a predictable magic trick, you’d very much rather bless that person with positivity than put them down.

And that’s just a small piece of the puzzle that forms the entirety of the wonderful, angelic individual that you are. Unlike the archetypes who tend to struggle with hatred and animosity, you’d very much rather make friends than enemies. You’re accepting, kind, and incredibly thoughtful.

You might not be aware of this… But all of these personality traits lead to so much more. Your optimism makes you ferocious – like an unstoppable force.

There is no archetype that matches your level of determination, because there is nothing stronger than an unbreakable spirit.

That’s why the world needs more people like you, Sara Troy… I have no doubt that you will one day infect others with your positivity, and influence them to have the same tenacity as you.


You are an individual who’s capable of finding joy in the smallest of things. Your perspective of the world is through that of a childlike lens – and you experience life at the purest level.

You are most likely the motivator of any social group or work setting. You always seem to know the right words to say, and at the right time. You have the unique talent of calming others with your presence, knowing that they have someone who’s rooting for them by their side.

But that’s not all there is to the Innocent archetype… This is merely the beginning. As an Innocent, you are selfless – often putting your needs behind the needs of others.

You put your best in everything that you do, and you always make sure that your heart’s in the right place.

There’s something else about your archetype, Sara Troy… You’re far more magnanimous than others – always ready to give more than you’re willing to receive. And that stems from your willingness to see the goodness in people.

In your eyes, all man is deserving of kindness – and that really translates through your actions.

Based on the strengths of your archetype, there is no doubt that you’re an individual who makes a forgiving partner, a nurturing parent, and a dependable friend.

It’s become abundantly clear that you’ll experience the greatest amount of fulfillment and joy from pursuing a career that will allow you to motivate and bring out the best in others… A noble duty that grows in greater demand as society becomes more detached and emotionally disconnected.

Beyond that, you have a profound understanding of the innerworkings of the human soul. Your empathetic nature allows you to comprehend what someone else is going through, and you always seem to know how to lead them out of darkness.

In many ways, you’re the beacon of hope that has and will touch the lives of many.

In terms of your behaviour around others, you’re always ready to offer a listening ear. You’re always swift to listen, but slow to speak. If you’ve ever wondered why people are always sharing their deepest troubles with you, that is the exact reason why, Sara Troy

You see, you exude an aura of purity. You trust others just as easily as others are able to place their trust in you. That’s because your earnestness really shows through your personality.

But there are obstacles that stand before you… Obstacles that you must be made aware of…


This portion of your Archetypal Introduction does not seek to scare you… But it’s best that you be made aware of the potential challenges that lie ahead of you – or perhaps you’ve encountered some of these challenges already.

However, I have no doubt that with your strengths, resilience, and fortitude, you will overcome all that stands in your way.

The Innocent archetype tends to struggle with coming out of its comfort zone. It’s likely that you prefer to stay within the constrains of what you deem to be familiar. You must know, with your strengths and unique talents, you are definitely capable of more than you could ever imagine.

You see, as an Innocent, it is vital for you to take up the challenge of stepping out of your comfort zone. Being surrounded with unfamiliarity will allow room for you, as an Innocent, to develop and improve yourself. It does not have to toe the lines of extremities – just small, little, progressive steps.

Based on the tellings of your archetype, you need to learn to take these calculated risks, whether its in social interactions or at work.

Your archetype tends to be fearful of consequences, even though you have the capacity to power through anything that life throws at you, residing in your comfort zone for too long has made you fearful… Mistakes are part and parcel of life, and a life lived without mistakes does not equate to a fulfilled life.

Understandably, it can be difficult for the Innocent to grow used to experiencing the pain of failure. And that fear in itself leads to a multitude of other challenges…

You might tend to hold yourself back from seizing new opportunities, embarking on new ventures, or exploring unknown horizons… Things that could open doorways for you and reward you with new discoveries.

Perhaps that might be why you concern yourself so much with the familiar… Because beyond the familiar, you’re afraid that you’ll lose your self-construed identity. That is perhaps, the greatest challenge that you must overcome.

You should be constantly jumping into new opportunities and discovering your path as it unfolds. That way, you’ll be able to continue to grow as a person, as an individual, and as an Innocent.

Advancement and growth are not gifts that are bestowed upon you – they are the fruits of hardwork and labour. And when you take action for your personal growth, your passage to fulfillment will be revealed to you… All in due time.


You are on a quest – a quest for happiness; for joy. And as mentioned, your archetype tends to struggle with finding fulfilment…

But with this Archetypal Introduction, there is no doubt that the end of the tunnel is fast approaching, and you will uncover your path to fulfillment a lot sooner than expected.

Based on your archetype, your sheer positivity and inner fortitude will form the foundation of your success – whether it’s in your career, your love life, or your personal goals. And as long as you continue to act on new opportunities of personal growth, you will find the success that you’re looking for.

However, as mentioned earlier in this Archetypal Introduction, your struggle with your fears tends to hold you back… Your fear of discomfort – a fear that prevents you from trying different things. You will have to keep pushing your limits before you eventually discover your life’s purpose and direction. And that is something that you need to work towards with your archetype.

And that’s where your calling resides. You want to live life for yourself, a life of abundance and joy.


Do you see that chart on top? That little chart over there represents the archetypes that you’re most likely to end up with. Or if you’re already in a committed relationship, there’s a really good chance that your spouse is one of those archetypes.

The Innocent archetype is known to be sweet, kind, and accepting in a relationship… It’s unlikely that you will encounter much difficulty with finding potential suitors.

But, in this instance, it is important for you to be a little bit stringent with your criteria for a potential romantic partner. After all, you have so much to offer as a lover – and you do tend to be a little bit careless with who you place your trust in. This piece of advice serves to save you another broken heart.

It might take a while before you find the right one, Sara Troy – but as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait. If you’re not in a committed relationship, your best bet will be to exercise patience and caution during your search for a romantic partner.

And in due time, you will meet the right one. However, don’t be disheartened. Whether or not you’re already in a committed relationship, you’ll be just fine.

And when, or if you already have, met the right one, you must be weary of temptations – committing yourself completely can be scary and hard… But with a disciplined mind and a dedicated heart, you will overcome that fear and produce a fruitful and loving relationship.

In the presence of your partner, you’re not afraid of embracing who you are and expressing what you feel. Perhaps that stems from your honesty and willingness to trust others – especially your other half. That is a reliable indicator of a love life that is healthy, easy-going, and nurturing.

But don’t forget, Sara Troy, how you perceive yourself should not be determined by your love life. Romance is merely one, single aspect of life – not the only. It’s always best to focus on your own personal growth, because that’s the path that you must embark on to lead a rewarding and fulfilled life.

Guide Me To Abundance!


Sara Troy, even though you’ve made some remarkable progress in your life…

There is a big part of you that’s yearning for something MORE. Perhaps you’re living pay cheque to pay cheque, and you’re not experiencing the abundance you’ve always yearned for.

Perhaps there’s an overwhelming sense of loneliness and emptiness, finding it difficult to connect with others.

Or… Perhaps you thought you’d be a lot farther ahead by now.

It’s NOT your fault, Sara Troy… And here’s why.


Let’s agree on one thing – wealthy millionaires and famous actors are amongst the most abundant individuals on the planet.

By their own right, these different groups of individuals have ALL achieved the heavily coveted “abundance”… Whether it’s money, fame, happiness… They’ve nailed it!

But how…?

…Is it SHEER LUCK that has brought these fortunate individuals to encounter such marvellous rewards?

…Is it THE LAW OF ATTRACTION that has helped them manifest their deepest desires?

…Is there some HIDDEN SECRET that they’re deliberately keeping to themselves, while they watch the rest of us struggle?

Now, here’s the hard truth.


Some way, some how, perhaps by chance or destiny, they’ve all “stumbled” upon a silent, secret “resistor” LURKING within themselves. A quiet killer of abundance.

A secret that’s literally STOPPING ALMOST EVERYONE from maximizing their true potential… From creating the life of their desires.


Feeling skeptical? Uncertain…? Confused…?

In just a moment, I’m going to share with you this secret hidden, silent killer of YOUR abundance. The very same “resistor” that abundant individuals have somehow conquered to transform their lives…


Every individual across the face of the planet, whether you’re a innocent, a plumber, or Tom Cruise – every individual faces adversity… Resistance that holds them back from being successful.

Resistance that stems from the conscious mind’s natural sense of “BALANCE”.

Analytical psychologists and individuation practitioners like to call it “homeostasis”.


Homeostasis is the true resistance of change. It is the brain’s warning system that you’re stepping into a realm of discomfort, and it wants to retract you back, hold you back into a state of familiarity.

That’s why no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do differently…

You’re always finding yourself running around in circles, expending all your energy, only to find yourself back at SQUARE ONE.

It’s like a part of your brain wants to transform. It wants to undergo a breakthrough, but at the same time it’s holding itself back!

Think of it as the mind’s self-regulating thermostat that keeps your mind in a “lukewarm” state.

The worst part? All these internal battles take place unbeknownst to you, because it happens in your subconscious mind.

So, until you learn to consciously correct your mind’s self-regulating thermostat… Your energy, happiness, abundance will constantly remain in this “lukewarm” state.

Now, in order to correct homeostasis, we have to first understand how it works

Homeostasis is triggered by a little almond-shaped part of your brain called the amygdala. The little part that’s responsible for the response and memory of fear.

So whether you’re trying to manifest your desires, correct your behaviours, seize a new opportunity, undergo a journey of self discovery…

…Your amygdala WILL sense discomfort, sound the alarm, and force you into a state of homeostasis by creating paralyzing friction between YOUR CURRENT SELF, and WHO YOU’RE TRYING TO BECOME.

Your amygdala is the obstacle standing between you, and immense growth. Good change, bad change, or even pointless change – your amygdala will prevent you from breaking out.

…Talk about being imprisoned by your own mind!

But if there’s ONE THING that we HAVE LEARNED from millionaires, actors, and abundant individuals, it’s this.

“Breaking away from our amygdalas is ENTIRELY possible.”

People from all over the world, from vastly different backgrounds, facing incredulous circumstances, have shown us time and time again that breaking through homeostasis CAN BE DONE.

And I’m going to reveal exactly how you can leverage on your archetype to conquer your mind’s natural resistor – your amygdala.


I’ll break it down for you.

Your archetype, the innocent, is your gateway to YOUR complete transformation.

There is a palpable reason why psychologists have referred to archetypes as “the fundamental of the human mind”.

Archetypes reside in the unconscious, silently influencing EVERYTHING we do – our behaviours and thoughts, without us even REALIZING IT.

…Which is why you were not aware of your archetype, your amygdala, and homeostasis… Until right now.

But awareness is merely the beginning!

See, most people would try to tackle their amygdalas head-on with brute force, thinking “if I tell myself not to be afraid, then I won’t be afraid”. Simple enough, right?

Big mistake.

Unfortunately, it does not work that way. If it did, there would be FAR MORE millionaires, actors, and abundant individuals! Don’t believe me? Here, I’ll explain.

Think of tackling your mind’s natural resistor as the infamous Chinese finger trap. No matter how hard you try, how much force you use, the Chinese finger trap isn’t going to release… Why? Well, because that’s precisely what it’s designed to do – resist!

Forcing your fingers apart creates more friction. It clamps down even tighter, making your release nearly IMPOSSIBLE.

If you’ve ever toyed with one of these strange thingamajigs, you would know that the only solution to make it release is the EXACT OPPOSITE of your natural instincts.

See, you cannot just pull your fingers apart…

You have to push your fingers together, releasing the trap’s traction, and then smoothly slip your fingers away.

Think of the finger trap as the “amygdala”. Think of the resistance and friction between the trap and your fingers as “homeostasis”.

And think of your two fingers as your subconscious mind, and the unconscious…

Yes, now you see.

Archetypal integration aligns your subconscious mind to the unconscious, opening the gateway of infinite possibilities.

It’s what guides your consciousness from a state of homeostasis, to a state of transformation.

And that’s exactly when you’ll start to witness all your limiting beliefs dissolve, your energy blocks released, and your consciousness shift.

Your very own holistic transformation – gifting you the purpose and direction to reach your destiny of fulfilled desires.


Over the years, we have created a remarkable system that guides individuals through a self-discovery process like no other…

…Restoring flair, passion and purpose to the lost and directionless.

…Returning confidence and certainty to the insecure and undecided.

A “strange” transformation method that will reveal to you a complete and epiphanic understanding of who you are, who you have the potential to become, and what’s stopping you from living a life of abundance, happiness, and love.


Before his Archetypal Integration, Marcus, a budding entrepreneur, encountered unimaginable struggles with his subconscious, and his internal self.

It wasn’t until he began his Archetypal Integration, that he began to notice a spectacular “shift” in his thought patterns, limiting beliefs, and negative energies.

Within DAYS… His amygdala had been conquered, his archetype had been integrated into consciousness, and everything else became literally effortless.

5 months ago, it dawned on me that there was a bigger purpose in life. That’s when I decided to take a break from the corporate world, and pursue entrepreneurship.

What started with a few emails eventually became a guide which has left me dumbstruck until today – all thanks to my Premium Archetypal Analysis

There I was, thinking I was about to take a break from work, but little did I realise that the journey of life discovery and aligning myself with my life path started to unfold.

I started to notice a series of weird “coincidences” happening in my life, and it has put me on a life path filled with self-discovery, purpose, and constant learning.

Although the journey came together with obstacles and numerous challenges, I now live a more purposeful life. I’m now equipped with learning lessons that can only lead me to a bigger breakthrough.

I look forward to my continued success during this journey, and hope to keep gaining knowledge and blessings from the Individualogist Team.