21-10 What is Freedom to you?

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from March 9th

Freedom! what does it mean to you? Are you free to be YOU? Are you free to think as you like, speak as you want, and live the way you would desire? The Freedom of heart and soul letting my spirit flow is my kind of freedom. I have for so long bent to the wishes of others that it cost me my freedom to be who I really am. I am not perfect, nor would I want to be, I am SARA, WITH ALL MY FLAWS, PASSIONS, CONVICTIONS, AND LOVE, I AM ENOUGH I AM ME.

I have just bought a car, I have not had one for 6 years, and I forgot the freedom to just go where ever I want to go. My fight for freedom to be me was a lot longer but so worth it in the end, for I like me now, I like what I stand for, I like who I care for, I like my purpose and I love what I do for it brings so much meaning into my life and those who listen.

Last year I was to launch a new program, Covid happened, but no sweat, it was just a pause. Now is the right time and with the right person Shahiroz as a collaborator, and now the timing is right to let it be what it is meant to be. It is ok to have a pause, alignment is key, but do not wait till everything is perfect, for then nothing will ever happen.

So are you free to be you? Are you free to pursue your dream, your desire, your meaningful purpose? Freedom first comes of mind and then the soul’s heart, and then the spirit is ready for Actionism and you are a go, even if only small steps, you can move forward into your self, setting yourself FREE.

We are not robots, we are not meant to live in boxes, we are expressive creative creatures of wonderment and abundant abilities to make ourselves and this world a kinder more meaningful world to live in, and it all lays in our freedom to just be YOU.

Sara’s View of Life


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