21-14 Podcasting Dedication for 9 years

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from April 6th

Well, 9 years already, where does the time go. April 4th 2012 I did my first Podcast live, oh boy was that an experience, As it was live, I had to know when to come in at the right time pressing the eight buttons, but whoops, I pressed the wrong ones. 13 months of live podcasting was a great education and one that set me up for building my own platform.

In June this year, it will be 8 years of my own platform where I have over 2700 collective shows and I have done around 2000 of them my self. It is an honour to have shared the stories of so many illuminating people who have gone through their own process and become the FLAWSME AWESOME people that are today. They share their wisdom and skills acquired from their journey and are now here to serve others showing them the possibilities that lay before us all.

Who knows what the next 9 years will bring, I am in wonder of it all. I am in my meaningful purpose with an open heart and soul doing what I love in sharing these wonderful stories of strength courage abilities and wonder.

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