IG21-20 Yiqing Zhao. Find Your Hidden Gems

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest Yiqing Zhao, on air from May 18th

What would it be like to leap into a purpose-driven life filled with inspiration and love?

What would it be like to claim and harness your innate magical power and transform into your higher self?

We are all creators of our own lives, yet we are often limited by no one but ourselves. 

Yiqing Zhao is an actress. writer, and a creative life coach. She came from a medical background, but found her passion in helping people with their minds and souls, after doing depression experiments on rats. She helps artists and entrepreneurs create vision and tap into their intuition, and unlock their potential.

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I created  this life…

Coming to the US alone with 2 suitcases adding up to my body weight.

​Got a full scholarship and completed my master’s degree in public health with a GPA of 3.94

​Published journals on people living with HIV/AIDS

​Made my theatre debut in Baltimore, as the only non-native English speaker in the cast with no prior training

Made my New York debut while working a 9-5 for a non-profit

Wrote and produced 3 plays and a short film

Obtained a Visa for People with Extraordinary Abilities

And more!




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