AK21-22 Sam Hawksmoor’s MISSION LONGSHOT Novel+.

An Authors Kiss with Sara Troy and her guest Sam Hawksmoor, on air from June 1st

Sam is a prolific writer whose latest book Mission Longshot, takes us always on a journey of discovery, not only of what is possible but a discovery of ourselves through adversity and struggle. His books always leaving you wanting more and reflecting on your own life. He writes for both Youth and Adult genres, but each of his books takes you away to an adventure of wonderment and the what if’s.

Sam’s latest book.

Alignment seems such an innocent word. We always seem to expect the stars to align one day in our favor, or with good planning, everything might fall into place before the battle.  It’s a positive word – until it isn’t. When suddenly everything aligns against you with such overwhelming force there’s little you can do to prevent disaster.
This is that story.


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From the award-winning author of The Repossession of Genie Magee trilogy & Girl with Cat (Blue)

Jarred awake after twenty-three years in a life-pod on colony-ship Nova, Celeste discovers she’s the only survivor – a trillion miles from home. Celeste knows no one will cross the entire universe to save one life. She is alone forever save for the company of a maintenance bot called SVIMON.
Stella is testing a light-speed ship in 2057. It’s the only chance they have to save Celeste. On her return, the Moonbase has vanished. Florida is no longer flooded. Cities across the world still shine at night. None of this is possible since climate change and nuclear war. Landing on Ochee Island, she discovers trees instead of a space research platform. Stella overwhelmed by her first experience of Earth gravity is rescued by three space geeks, Gerry, Kali and Jolene, out hunting aliens.
It’s Millennial New Year’s Eve 1999. Stella accidentally went back in time 57 years. Saving Celeste just became the biggest longshot of all.

Review: Mission Longshot is a terrific story, wonderfully written. The adventures are gripping. The characters are deftly drawn and engaging and the relationships among them draw the reader in even further. Walli F Leff – New York


The Repossession of Genie Mgee by Sam Hawksmoor – Book OneThree

Thirty-four kids are missing from the town of Spurlake B.C., vanished without trace.
The community is considering electronic tagging all their children. Reverend Schneider of the Church of the Free Spirits leads all night vigils to pray for their souls and for God to stop a sickness in the town that seems to drive the kids away. Meanwhile Genie Magee (15) is imprisoned behind bars at home by the same Reverend Schneider, who claims her soul is possessed by the Devil.

As storm clouds gather over the mountain town, Rian, her boyfriend, spectacularly breaks her out of the house and they go on the run. As they escape on the river there is a devastating flash flood. Spurlake is literally swamped. Barely alive, Genie and Rian wash up miles down the river at Marshall’s remote mountain farmhouse. But who is this strange man? Why has he got newspaper clippings of all the missing children on his bathroom wall? Have they accidentally arrived at the lair of a serial killer?

They may never find out, as first Genie falls ill, then Rian. Is this delirium? Who are these mysterious shadows that seem to walk through walls in Marshall’s house and why do they think Genie can help them? Genie is about to confront Marshall when he is found convulsing on the floor. The awful secret of the missing teens, when discovered, is too horrific for two kids to handle, but face it they must, or even more, kids will literally disappear forever.


Sam’s books take you a journey, it does not matter if it is for the youth of or for adults, it always leaves us thinking and reflecting on life in the now, he goes into different dimensions and we explore other worlds that link together. He takes on an adventure and who dun it, and surprises you every time, and also makes you look at life in a different way.

We Feel Your Pain

The AD: WE FEEL YOUR PAIN – So You Don’t Have To
You don’t have to live with pain.
For years Doctors have ignored the underlying causes of pain – prescribing opioids and other painkillers that often lead to complications, or addiction, leaving a patient in far a worse situation. At the Jirdasham Institute, we will strive to take your pain away forever, with a drug-free treatment that really works. We make no claims about curing cancer or healing rheumatics. Our Jirdasham method is not a ‘cure’, but we promise to remove your pain and let you get on with living again. Can’t live with pain? Get rid of it. FOREVER.

The CASE: Delaney and Asha run the Office of City Oversight. Their role is to expose the scams, keep Berg City safe from unscrupulous contractors. When something looks too good to be true – it’s a scam, right?
But what if the scam works? What kind of scam is that?

308 complaints about Jirdasham are suddenly withdrawn. It gets Delaney’s interest. When he meets Mr Abrams, owner of the last bookshop in the city, he learns he paid thirty grand to the Jirdasham Institute to be rid of his pain. Seems it worked – for a month. Delaney knows something about this stinks, but what exactly? As the contract says – any pain after that is ‘new’ pain and caveat emptor.

Another Place to Die: The Endtime Chronicles

A city is gripped by fear as a lethal virus approaches from the East Coast. No one knows how many are dying. People are afraid of being quarantined. Once parted, best friends Kira and Liz are scared they will never see each other again. Teen lovers, Chris and Rachel, prepare to escape to the islands, to wait it out. But everyone lives in deathly fear of strangers now. Kira and her restless family have already fled to a secluded Gulf Island off the British Columbia Mainland – but after just six weeks they are going completely stir-crazy. To make matters worse, Kira hears rumours of people going from island to island burning and looting. Liz’s family have escaped to the Baja, but the virus is already there, waiting with chilling effect. Without electricity we are never more than three days away from total civic breakdown and the virus quickly exposes our vulnerability. Prophet Arnold’s Church of Final Redemption promises salvation to all those who believe. But what kind of life awaits the survivors? Realistic and relentless, Hawksmoor and North’s ‘Another Place to Die’ is a blueprint for anyone seeking survival tips for the coming plague. There is no cure – the pandemic is coming to a city near you – very soon

Girl With Cat (Blue)

Imagine Lundein; a city devastated by war. Imagine you’re one of the last survivors patrolling the ruins with your fierce Blue Lynx, trained to protect you from all enemies.
Imagine there’s a way out, a secret tunnel to London, a treacherous labyrinth that few survive.
Nevertheless, you must find it or die.
Imagine an art gallery. Jules falls in love with a stunning portrait of a girl, her faithful Cat at her side. The artist, Kye tells you it’s his sister Saska in a city that impossibly exists in the exact same space as London – invisible to all. Saska seeks the tunnel and a way out. Kye can’t remember the way back.
Jules courts madness in believing any of it is real.
The tunnel is out there – all you have to do is believe.


Based on a tragic real life event, Marikka flees from an arson attack on her home to the sea, where she meets Starfish boy – a runaway working for Jackson, a sinister scarred man hiding from the world. Meanwhile her father; long believed dead, searches for her with the aide of Anya, ‘the girl who can read objects’. Set on the wild Lincolnshire coast, Marikka is a classic haunting tale

J&K Forever..

A powerful young love story set in the bleak badlands of a ruined civilization. Two young lovers are determined to stay together even though love is prohibited. Jeyna and Kruge are orphans raised in an oppressive city orphanage under the control of a corrupt Warden. The City of Bluette is run on extreme fundamentalist lines. Boys are educated, girls are not. Sometime around 2017/18, a group not unlike ISIS irradiate the world’s oil supply and all of civilization collapses. J&K 4Ever takes place sixty years later and the Ministers that run the city have banned everything. Electricity, even combs are an abomination and banished to the scraps. To stay together Jeyna and Kruge must flee to the wastelands, but coming after them, are the cruel enforcers who will bring them back dead or alive. No one can ever leave Bluette.

The Repercussions of Tomas D 

Tomas is a boy haunted by a nightmare of being bombed. Night after night in his dreams he runs to the bomb shelter as the sirens scream. Every morning he wakes gasping for breath surprised to be alive.

Gabriella is his best friend waiting in the Lou-Lou’s café as a terrible storm is brewing outside. Tomas goes to get new glasses. The storm breaks and he rushes to the café for shelter – only its no longer a café – it’s an old fashioned butchers shop and suddenly air-raid sirens are screaming and everyone is running for the bomb shelter under the church. Tomas tries to believe it is another nightmare, but it feels intensely vivid. The same people are in the shelter, the little girl with snot under her nose, the cop who will soon have his head split open. The bombers come. They drop their terrible weapons of destruction and this time… Tomas doesn’t wake up in his bedroom. This time he has to fight his way through rubble as everything burns around him.

Gabriella goes to school the next day and discovers her first class is Double German. She realises she’s the only person in the whole school who remembers that Germany didn’t win the war!

I highly recommend these books to read as a family,(check on if it is an adult book or youth first) We feel your pain and Another place to die, are adult orientated.




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