C21-22 Jesse Cruize LIVE YOUR DASH

Choose Positive Livine with sara Troy and her guest Jesse Cruize, on air now

Have you ever had a feeling that there is something greater in this life? The good news is that there is something bigger waiting for you. Time will not wait for you, you must act now. Life is short. From the time you take your first breath until your last, there is a line separating life and afterlife. The line between those two dates is known as the dash. The dash we have seen on tombstones before is a reminder that life on earth does have an expiration date. Before that time comes you have decisions to make to reach your goals. By achieving those goals you leave a legacy, a life of purpose that will be passed on to those who come after you.

Jesse Cruz is the founder and CEO of Jesse Cruz Enterprise. He is a Motivational Keynote Speaker, Grief Coach, Personal Development Coach, Author, Veteran and Advocate. He inspires others to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. Jesse speaks and coaches at events all over the world! His passion is to empower men to heal from loss and motivate people to achieve their true potential through his coaching programs. Jesse empowers his clients to overcome adversity and develop success in their personal and professional lives.

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He is the Author of “Live Your Dash” a book written to guide people to freedom by discovering their purpose. His latest book Losing Faith, Finding Hope is a guide to inspire hope. Jesse’s passion and ability to connect with his audience are unmatched and have made him a highly sought-out speaker for top organizations including the Ronald Mcdonald House.

He was honored with the “#1 Dad award from his daughters”. He and his wife, Desire Cruz, believe in spreading H.O.P.E. by Helping Other People Everyday. Jesse is a man of faith and a pleasure to work with. If you are an event planner looking for an inspiring, highly motivated and passionate speaker for your next event, then Jesse Cruz is the speaker for you!









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