C21-36 Isabel Chiara, author of EAT YOUR WORDS

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Isabel Chiara, on air from September 7th

Isabel has supported hundreds of clients to actualize their life’s greatest potential, to reconsider obstacles as opportunities and how to meet challenging moments with heart. She has dedicated decades to personal growth and development but kept her own lifelong struggle with food well hidden from her work. Nearing her 60th birthday, she knew she had to break her own silence about her struggles.
From this place, she wrote EAT YOUR WORDS and created Giana Giovanni; loosely based on aspects of her own story, but presented in a relatable way so that, true to Isabel’s nature, her own healing journey could be offered to others.

How to begin to approach feeling the physical body in a world that seems to promote disassociation with the body. How women can powerfully reframe what “getting there” actually means and why we can come together to transform what success looks like physically. How each person is equipped with a unique sense of “gut instinct” that is as varied as the trillions of bacteria in our digestive system. How to hone in on your “gut instinct.”

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Isabel Chiara, created Giana Giovanni, a character whose story is told in the style of a first-person historic memoir. Giana’s recount takes us from the farm fields of Italy circa World War II to the era of Grease Lightening in the late 1970’s, up to the current day. In humorous, easy-to-read language, Eat Your Words gives us a peak at the generational path of overeaters beginning from a home-grown food heritage to the fast-food, drive-thru window of the super-sized large fry and extra-thick chocolate shake. 
With the wisdom of the feminine, Isabel supports Giana’s inner-exploration and aha moments, not pushing her to find a solution to her dysfunctional relationship with food, but encouraging her, through self-love, to live her way back into her body that feels, at last, like home. In this tale, our protagonist’s main “squeeze” and heroic rescuer isn’t the hot boy next door but rather the overly-handled bag of chips she grapples with until finally exchanging it for the act of self-embrace.










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