IG21-50 Kathleen Woodington on How Getting Sick Saved My Life.

Ignite Your Heart and Soul with Sara Troy and her guest Kathleen Woodington, on air from December 14th.

How Getting Sick Saved My Life: I help heart centered entrepreneurs and lightworkers feeling, disconnected from themselves and feeling their emotions ( it is typically related to unresolved trauma),  self doubt, overwhelm, and lack of focus, center and ground their energy in their body temple to create more balance and flow in their life and business.  Your inner world creates your  outer world. 

It was in losing everything ( mental and physical health, career, finanaces, relationships etc), that I found myself, learned to feel my emotions, love myself and love life.  I almost died trying to figure out how to live.  It’s a miracle that I am alive.  I am here to share my message of hope and inspiration and to end suffering on this planet.  Life is a skillset.  We are here to learn to live skillfully and in alignment with our mind, body and soul. Let your lifestyle be your medicine.

I give hope to the hopeless.  Our most important relationship is with ourself.  Know thyself. Love thyself.  I was addicted to adrenal and being busy and not listening to my body. After realizing it’s about feeling good I got addicted to feeling good and honouring myself. This realization opened the door to my healing and transformation. My mission is to get others addicted to feeling good, fully alive and thriving.

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My background is health sciences. I have always helped people. I was a Nuclear Medicine Techonologist and then and Occupational Therapist. 11 years years ago I was told I would return to my career as an Occupational Therapist following the removal of my thyroid gland.  I attempted 3 return to works and they all failed. My identity was wiped out. Gone. I felt like a nothing.

What unravelled was layers of chronic illness.  I was bed ridden for up to ½  a month in bed for years.  It was a complete mess.  My mess is now my message.  You have to feel to heal.  

Running from emotions creates imbalances in the system which eventually lead to disease.  I lived from a place of deep trauma my whole life.  I have lived the last 11  years in my ‘urban ashram like a crosss between a navy seal and a yogi (Ha!)  ‘unlearning everything I knew, reprogramming my nervous system for peace and calm and creating my new identity as a Spiritual Coach and Yoga Teacher.  





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