BB22-05 Rob Dubin. Recipe for happiness.

Building your business with Sara Troy and her guest Rob Dublin, on air from February 1st

The Great Resignation is challenging HR departments and affecting bottom lines. Yet even the most forward-thinking companies cannot solve the problem of employee happiness on their own. The real solution is teaching employees the actual recipe for happiness – yes there is a recipe for happiness and when your staff learns it they will be far more engaged at work and more fulfilled at home….and they will stay on the job.  

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By my mid 20’s I was an award-winning filmmaker who owned my own company and was well paid to travel the world camera in hand doing work for numerous Fortune 500 companies. A near-death survival experience made international news and elicited a call from the President of the United States. This prompted a re-examination of life and two years later at age 42 my wife and I sold our home and moved aboard a 40′ sailboat. We spent the next 17 years living on a sailboat sailing around the world. We studied human happiness and fulfillment with both billionaires and barefoot villagers in 100 countries. I teach people a recipe for happiness. For individuals, this translates to more fulfilling careers and happier home life and for corporations, it stems from resignations and transforms workplaces resulting in increases in bottom lines.