IG22-09 Heidi Garis is Tapping into Abundance

Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest Heidi Garis, on air from March 1st

Abundance has an attractive ring to it.  Everyone wants it but what is it really and how do we create it?

Tapping into Abundance isn’t something Heidi came to naturally.  In fact, lack and ‘not enough’ were her close and constant companions for many years.  As a result of how she came into this world, her tender heart absorbed painful messaging which led to a decades-long identity as a people-pleasing chameleon separated from the truth of who she was.

Her lack of inner abundance was reflected in her outer world until she made a choice to heal, discover and embody the true magic and miracle that she was always meant to be.  Her journey sparked a passionate calling to lead others along their healing path and recover their truth so they can create joy and abundance- inside and out. 

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As a success coach, intuitive energy healer, and psychotherapist, Heidi Garis masterfully weaves together all of her magic to help high achieving entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders, and public figures align to their truest I Am and live into the higher octaves of life. She guides her clients to heal their past, empower their present and activate their future so they are free to be the magnetic leaders they have been called to be, free to live their soul’s purpose and to create a massively joyful and abundant life along the way.

Heidi B. Garis, MSW, Ph.D(c), LMT, RMT

Success & Abundance Coach


Energy Psychology Therapist

Intuitive Energy Healer

Certified Akashic Records Consultant

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