AK22-10 Don Cook. Does Our World Need A Reboot?

Authors Kiss with Sara Troy and her guest Don Edward Cook, on air from March 8th

Don Cook plunges readers into a layered world of science and religion in this intricate first installment in the Last of the Atlanteans series. In Cook’s premier book of this saga, not only humanity — but the entire world — is in danger of becoming extinct. Can humanity be saved and transported to another planet? Can an alien help save humanity?  Cook has readers on edge, from start to finish.

“I enjoy writing meaningful tales that force the reader to question everything and not to be blind,” says Cook. “For the seeking individual who wants to discover a good, moral foundation, they may find it wrapped up in my adventurous tale.”

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 In the new book, Noah has warned the world about the coming flood. But other than his family, no one has paid any attention. No one listened … except for an Atlantean telepathic wunderkind-scientist, Ithyanna. Ithy, as her friends called her, saw the impending destruction and, through her extensive doctoral research, urged the building of at least one space-ark to carry a nucleus of humans to safety. But only a handful of people signed on, one of them a wealthy financier-cultural demagogue, and thus work began on Project Life-Escape and its starship of life.

Battling ever-growing economic woes, scoffing masses, the duplicity of her benefactor, a growing threat of all-out war with totalitarian Lemuria, and resistance from the Divine, Ithyanna and her project workers toil bravely to save humanity. But will Ithyanna’s valiant efforts to get humans to another world succeed… or fail?

What happens when the creator himself comes and stands in the way? Cook keeps the action brisk and tension high, and his vast sci-fi world is utterly intricate, demanding careful reading on readers’ part. Jumping between various timelines and managing a large array of characters, Cook has masterfully created a whole new world.
Don Edward Cook decided to become a writer late in life. As a Canadian who identifies with classic American ideals, and his faith in God and love for science fiction, Cook was inspired to write a Judeo-Christian, science fiction thriller, Ithyanna, Last Daughter of Atlantis: Book 1 – how the world Ended Millennia Ago.

This novel is based upon his short film, The Last Atlantean (2009), which garnered a place in the top ten percentile of IMDb’s MovieMeter (during the summer of 2010.)

He was a member of the Canadian Authors Association and the London Area Writers. He was affiliated with Raindance Toronto, a filmmaking institute for independent filmmakers. His strongest creative influences are The Twilight Zone’s Rod Serling, Star Trek’s Gene Roddenberry, and legendary author C.S. Lewis. Cook, 59, published his first book several years ago, The Invader Candidate.

When Cook, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, is not penning save-the-world novels, he enjoys several hobbies. He is an avid model builder, whose specialty subjects include MiGs (a Soviet/Russian line of fighter aircraft), Mirages (a French line of mostly delta-winged military jets), and Mach-busters (a term that is self-explanatory). He is also a huge fan of classic rock, especially The Moody Blues, as well as surf pioneers, The Beach Boys, and country music icon Johnny Cash.

Born in Stratford, Ontario, and raised in Bornholm, Ontario, he attended Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. He earned a General Arts and Sciences Degree, a diploma on broadcasting Television, and a post-graduate diploma in the Advanced filmmaking program. Mr. Cook currently resides in London, Ontario, Canada.

“This first installment of a religion-themed SF/fantasy saga focuses on the high-tech but intrigue-wracked… nation of Atlantis and how a brilliant woman trusts science to rescue humanity from doom… In this engrossing tale, treachery, arrogance, violence, nonbelief, and selfishness beset the eponymous hero’s plans and illuminate God’s true path… This work certainly isn’t part of the Tim LaHaye/Jerry B. Jenkins school of Christian fantasy. An engaging, offbeat, and Bible-inspired apocalyptic tale.” — Kirkus Reviews