IG22-13. John Siddique, Signposts of The Spiritual Journey

 Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest John Siddique, on air from March 28th

Acclaimed spiritual teacher and literary writer John Siddique,  whose new book Signposts of the Spiritual Journey offers a true road map for those embarking on the spiritual path sharing the signposts as well as the obstacles one can encounter along the way, and how to genuinely move past them. John is one of the most popular teachers on the meditation app Insight Timer, his meditations have been downloaded over 2 million times and he has been featured inTime Magazine, The Guardian, on CNN and the BBC.John is teaching at OMEGA end of August and has the Tablet interview coming out. He also has a Talk and a Workshop for The Theosophical Society in America.

The author explores all the signs of spiritual progress which begin from a place of ‘awareness’ and ‘self-reflection’. Siddique reminds us there is no shortcut to enlightenment; life will offer you every chance at awakening no matter who you are. He shares how imperative it is to notice our reactivity—our sense of righteousness—and instead, replace it with ‘responsiveness.’ The author demonstrates how to pause from
our reactive state with simple practices, highlighting spiritual blocks such as the pain body, spiritual bypassing, dualistic thinking and false consciousness—the conditioning we’ve been fed from birth, the root of all suffering.

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In addition to sharing encouraging real-life stories, Signposts of the Spiritual Journey provides you with a vast range of tools such as the practice of the three hearts for those who can’t meditate using breath alone. He also teaches the three practices to cut through the noise, involving the use of noble silence and the contemplation of death (i.e., if this were your last encounter with that person, how would you like it to be). Siddique’s use of writing and drawing help us expand awareness and let go of ego and his instructions for effective, safe, meditative practices are highly accessible yet little known in the West.
There is a humility in Siddique’s style as he tells us that the ‘teacher is in you’. The author is a case
in point, he healed his own childhood wounds and earlier suicide attempts through the methods he
puts forward in this book. Admitting to yourself there is a problem and taking responsibility, doing
inner child work, and prioritising self-care were all key to Siddique’s own healing journey.
The author advocates that enlightenment is to be found in our everyday ordinary life and has
nothing to do with the mind but everything to do with the heart. Whatever level of freedom
you feel drawn to, Signposts of The Spiritual Journey will guide you to reap the benefits of a more
meaningful existence in the here and now.

John Siddique is best known as a British spiritual teacher, poet, and author. He is the founder of Authentic Living, through which he aims to encourage people from all walks of life to awaken to what he calls their “true naturalness”. Siddique is not aligned with any particular religion, philosophy, or tradition. Known for his authenticity, humour, and “feet on the ground” wisdom, his work has quietly reached millions of people.
He has to date published eight books. His teachings and writings have featured in Time Magazine, The Guardian, Granta, on CNN, and the BBC. Scottish Poet Laureate Jackie Kay speaks of Siddique’s writing as being ‘A brilliant balancing act.’ Siddique is the Honorary Fellow in Creative Writing at Leicester University. He is the former Laureate of the British city of Canterbury, and British Council Poet in Residence at California State University, Los Angeles.

This transformative and highly practical book by well-known literary writer and spiritual teacher John
Siddique, described as “one of the best poets of our generation” by The New York Times
correspondent Bina Shah, offers a true roadmap for those embarking on the spiritual path, sharing
the signposts as well as the obstacles one can encounter along the way, and how to genuinely move past them.

The book covers themes such as:

  • 5 tools to help you in the here and now and 3 practices to cut through the noise.
  • What to do when meditation isn’t for you. 
  •  Spiritual bypassing – how the teacher is in you and how enlightenment is in everyday life.
  • Practices to replace reactivity with responsiveness