C22-13 Ebba Karlsson, from Sexual assault to True Starlight:

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Edda Karlsson, on-air from March 29th

Former model and sexual assault victim, Ebba Karlsson, author of True Ebba Karlsson, from Sexual assault to True Starlight Starlight: From Living in the Shadows to Being Stellar.

Ebba claims she was sexually assaulted at age 20 while on a job interview in 1990 with Gerald Marie, the president (at the time) of internationally-renowned Elite Modeling Agency, which also represented supermodels Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss. She also alleges she was raped by a fashion model scout who introduced her to Marie. Despite other models claiming similar allegations against Marie, including actress and cover-girl model Carre Otis, criminal charges have never been brought against him. Recently, his ex-wife, former supermodel Linda Evangelista, has publicly sided with them.

“If you have ever been abused, you know how awful, and shameful one can feel,” Ebba says. “Looking back, I still feel disgusted about the whole thing and sad that I didn’t have more guts to stand up for myself and run away. It is never okay for anybody to go beyond a person’s boundaries.”

Ebba is now fighting back and raising awareness about the sexual misconduct practiced all too often in the fashion and modeling industries. She wants to weed out serial predators who abuse their power.

“No longer should a woman’s modeling career be dependent on whether she remains silent while being sexually violated,” says Ebba. “We also need to stop the vicious cycle of grooming and human trafficking.”

She was threatened into silence, on top of feeling ashamed. “We saw in the Harvey Weinstein trial that it took many voices of courageous women to hold him accountable for his crimes,” says Ebba. “In the Jeffrey Epstein case, women who were only children at the time of their grooming also came forward in solidarity to create great change. The time is overdue that we address these same crimes within an industry that has yet to be held accountable.”

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Her moving book, True Starlight: From Living in the Shadows to Being Stellar (Morgan James Publishers, Trade Paperback, is the inspirational and spiritually moving memoir of the model-turned-life coach. Her powerful message is punctuated by her guidance and insight on what it takes for each of us to create our own reality and become a “true star.”

This book is my life story, but it could be any woman’s story,” says Ebba. “You can see this as a journey through time., through your body, soul, and mind. It is meant to take you through your own life, reflecting on your journey and experiences so that you can be inspired to find your purpose and answers within.”

The Swedish-born blonde, who was raised by an alcoholic mother and a sex-addicted, philandering father, overcame the challenges of an abusive and dysfunctional household, attempted suicide, teen pregnancy, and sexual assault – all by the age of 20. Her recently published book reveals a true, gripping story that shows how she found her purpose and mission in life. It also details allegations of sexual misconduct by a major player in the modeling industry.

I have always been a seeker – a seeker of the truth of happiness, pleasure, and lots of other things,” writes Ebba. “It took me many years to realize what I know today, and it has been a long journey to discover who I really am, and I’m still discovering it.”

“True Starlight is a much-needed contribution to the global conversation that is well underwayEbba is a survivor, sister, supporter, and champion for those who are trying to find their true voice, reclaim their dignity, and find peace with post-trauma.” — American Model, Actress & Author Carre Otis

Ebba P. Karlsson is a life coach, author, and champion ballroom dancer. She is also a model and sexual assault victim who co-founded a new organization dedicated to cleaning up the modeling industry amidst the #MeToo era —

She is also the founder of True Star, a life coaching practice, helping individuals perform at a high level, live a more fulfilling life, and overcome their past to embrace the future. After leaving behind a promising modeling career, she became, at age 23, one of the managers of the franchise company, The Body Shop. Since 1996, she has been running her own business involving health, meditation, holistic therapies, personal self-development techniques, and leadership practices.

Karlsson launched Victorious Angels in October 2020 with several models, including the internationally renowned cover-girl model Carre Otis. It is a global collective of sexual abuse survivors from the modeling industry.

She is a former model who was raped at age 20 by a modeling scout and then was sexually assaulted during a job interview with the president of Elite Model Management, Gerald Marie. She quit the industry as a result, back in 1990. Now she is helping others to confront the sexual assault problem running rampant in the modeling industry.

She is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach and Creating Money Coach, both by the Quantum Success Academy, and a member of The International Coach Federation. She is also experienced in massage therapy, biofeedback, Feng Shui, risk therapy and is a national champion ballroom dancer. 

Here is a recent article about the suicide of Jean-Luc Brunel, who allegedly trafficked more than 1,000 women for Jeffrey Epstein and whose agency supplied models for Victoria’s Secret runway shows: 


Karlsson was born and raised in Sweden. She moved her family from Monte Carlo, Monaco to North Carolina in 2010. She now resides in Charlotte.