22-14 Sara’s 10 Years of Podcasting

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from April 5th

If you told me back in April of 2012 that I would be podcasting for 10 years and growing, I would have laughed at you, but here we are, it is 10 years of podcast hosting with 9 years in June of my own network.

One never knows where our path will lead us, but if we are willing to walk it, we do discover why it is leading us that way and what it is all about. It truly has been an extraordinary journey for me, one of personal growth, self discovery, enlightenment, and humility, and I love where it has led me to now.

You can not hear the stories of such struggles, such abuse, such neglect, such venerability, and not be affected by those who CHOSE to walk away from the anguish that was imposed upon them and to embrace their own self-discovery. Their courage discovered, their strength revealed, abilities shown and love of self embraced, it truly is the most illuminating thing one can hear and be a part of, for it shows us just how abundant, enriched, and flawsome we really are and what we are capable of if we try.

I am exceedingly proud of the trust that people have put in me in sharing their stories, and in how not only have they referred me, but come back again to continue to inspire and invite us all to rise up to our own awesomeness. To you all, I thank you, for without your honesty, trust, and venerability, we would not be able to inspire so many in choosing to walk into their own personal growth of abundance.

We are so much more capable than we know, so much stronger, resilient and courageous, if only we choose to step away from fear and past conditioning, and decide to walk forward to a more meaningful fulfilling, and enriching life.

With approximately 2700 shows under my belt, and with so many more to come, I am going for the next ten years to bring you more of the divine exuberant, and empowering people that you would ever want to know. Remember this, whatever notoriety they may have in their lives now, they also had to walk the path of self-discovery and pick from the Orchard of Wisdom to allow themselves to grow and become the illuminating people that they are today. It is in all of us, we just need to decide to walk away from outdated patterns and beliefs and embrace our true essence and divine ability that is our journey in life.


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