QS22-26. Master Sha & Tao Calligraphy.

Quantum Spirituality with Sara Troy and her guest Master Zhi Gnag Sha, on air from June 21st

Tao Calligraphy is a revolutionary healing art based on an ancient form of one-stroke calligraphy from China. Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha now brings this healing frequency to everyone through a new book series.  

The first book in the series, Tao Calligraphy to Heal and Rejuvenate Your Back offers relief from back pain, a problem all too familiar to many Americans. According to Georgetown University’s Institute for Health Care Research and Policy study, nearly 65 million Americans report a recent episode of back pain. 

Tao Calligraphy is Source art, a revolutionary new healing art and transformational tool that helps people clear away root blockages that underlie their challenges in health, relationships, finances, and more. Everyone and everything is a vibrational field. Tao Calligraphy works by providing a Source positive vibrational field that people can easily access and harness to transform negative aspects of their own vibrational field, which can result in healing and positive life changes.

Tao Calligraphy to Heal and Rejuvenate Your Back contains two pieces of Tao Calligraphy Transformative Art that provide Source positive vibrational fields that can harmonize and uplift every aspect of life. One of these Tao Calligraphies carries a specific message for healing the back. It’s called “Tao Bei” – Tao Back. The other Tao Calligraphy is called “Da Ai,” which means Greatest Love. Both calligraphies can be applied for healing and transformation.

Inside the book, you will learn about the five steps of creation, universal laws that govern everyone and everything, the ten greatest qualities to transform and enlighten every aspect of life, and more. Included are video animations with Master Sha chanting powerful mantras to support your healing and transformation. You will learn how to apply the wisdom and practices to heal and rejuvenate your back and every aspect of life.

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Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha is the author of thirty-one books, including eleven New York Times bestsellers and bestsellers on the lists of the Wall Street JournalUSA Today, and Amazon. He brings ancient wisdom to modern times to help people reach optimal wellness and greater happiness.  

Dr. and Master Sha offers a guide for enhancing many aspects of life through soul secrets, wisdom, and simple, practical techniques. As a doctor of both Western and traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture and a master of several Eastern arts, he brings decades of study and experience to help people discover their own power to heal and uplift their lives.  

His books help people to understand the “soul” and how to connect with their own soul power and the science of soul healing to align the relationship between the soul, heart, mind, and body. He explains the all-important Law of Shen Qi Jing (Information, Energy, and Matter), where shen (information) includes soul, heart, and mind; qi is energy; jing is matter. This law reveals that soul leads heart, heart leads mind, mind leads energy, and energy leads matter. Throughout his work, he shows people how to effectively transform their negative shen qi jing to positive shen qi jing to heal and transform their lives.  

Some abbreviated titles of Master Sha’s books include Soul Mind Body Medicine, The Power of Soul, Soul Healing Miracles, Soul Communication, Soul Wisdom, Tao Song and Tao Dance, Soul over Matter, Tao I and Tao II, Greatest Love, Greatest Forgiveness, Tao Science, and Tao Calligraphy Healing Field. Through his books, ancient and new Tao wisdom are made accessible for modern times. The power of unconditional love, forgiveness, and other key virtues flow and are embraced as methods for healing and transformation. Ancient wisdom from traditional Chinese medicine such as Five Elements Theory is made easy and applicable through practical healing techniques. The transformative art of Tao Calligraphy and the wisdom of Tao Science and quantum physics empower people to heal and manifest their dreams.    

Providing guidance for every aspect of life, whether from an earlier book or one of his most recent and comprehensive books, Tao Calligraphy Healing Field: An Information System with Six Sacred Tao Techniques to Empower You to Heal and Transform Your Life, Dr. and Master Sha provides the tools and the wisdom for living optimally and creating the purposeful and fulfilling life you imagine. 

Tao Calligraphy to Heal and Rejuvenate Your Back by world-renowned healer, humanitarian, spiritual master, and #1 New York Times bestselling author Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha.



 https://www.amazon.com/all his books







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