MH22-28 Ronald A. Alexander, Open Mindfulness Creativity

Mental Health Awareness with Sara Troy and her guest Ronald A. Alexander, on air from June 28th

The Big Idea: When artists describe their creative process, they inevitably talk about being in an open mind state where the download of core creativity can happen. Musicians such as The Band’s Robbie Robertson’s description that “Creativity comes from the womb of emptiness” to James Taylor’s observation about “waiting to hear it” and having “to be in a place where you can receive the song” reveal that creativity isn’t a rational, calculated activity. It’s about allowing oneself to become receptive. 

The So-What: Mindfulness meditation takes us out of overthinking and into the mind state of receptivity. The stillness and focus involved in meditation alters our brainwaves, and therefore, our mind state. Distraction-free time leads us to an open mind. Both core creativity and intuitive wisdom and knowledge can be accessed in an open mind state — not because we have an open mind, or are trying to be open minded, but because we’re in a state of pure receptivity after giving ourselves over to emptiness.

Key Messages: Ron Alexander can expound on the exciting possibilities available to us all to open the mind and stimulate creative responses. He explores: 

  • Where ideas ultimately originate from 
  • What valuable mind-sets and habits can prepare us to achieve creative breakthroughs  
  • How to activate the “witnessing self” to become less emotionally reactive and more open to new experiences 
  • How to embrace what Buddhists call beginner’s mind to approach what’s familiar with a fresh perspective 
  • How dreams offer clues to what’s unfinished or unexpressed in our lives 

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The Source: Ronald A. Alexander, PhD, is a psychotherapist, a mindfulness trainer and a creativity, business and leadership coach. He has a private psychotherapy and executive coaching practice in Santa Monica, California. He’s the executive director of the OpenMind® Training Program that offers personal and professional training programs in mindfulness-based mind-body therapies, transformational leadership and meditation.

  • In today’s era of COVID, political unrest and inflation why is creativity more important than ever to navigate all these upheavals?
  • What is Core Creativity and how does it differ from ordinary creativity?
  • How can someone who wants to make changes in their life use core creativity to help them experience a reinvention?
  • What can block us from accessing our Core Creativity?
  • Tell us about Mindfulness and  Creativity Psychology. What does the research have to say about it and why are so many psychotherapists integrating meditation and mindfulness into their practices?
  • In your book you discuss the Core Creative terms: Absorbing Mind, Open Mind, and Generating Mind. What role do they play in accessing one’s core creativity?
  • Why is mindfulness important to accessing creativity?
  • How can someone tell if their intuition is genuine or false?
  • How have some of your clients incorporated core creativity into their lives and business?
  • You have a chapter on Mindful and Creative Leadership. What are some of the traits of a wise leader?

I’d be happy to send a bylined article, “Find Creative Solutions by Emptying Your Mind,” to send a review copy of his new book, or to schedule an interview with Ron Alexander. 

He’s the author of the highly acclaimed book, Wise Mind, Open Mind: Finding Purpose and Meaning in Times of Crisis, Loss, and Change (2008), and the new book, Core Creativity: The Mindful Way to Unlock Your Creative Self (Rowman & Littlefield, June 21, 2022).


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