YH22-51. Jane Wenning, Loving you is Healthy

Your Health is Your Choice with Sara Troy, and her guest Jane Wenning, on air December 13th

Health is the absence of illness and injury in conjunction with mental, physical and social well being.  It is simply not enough to try and outrun a bad diet to achieve health.  To live your best life, what you look like in the mirror is part of the picture.  Getting the number of days you are healthy and thriving to equal the number of days you are alive is the ultimate goal!

“When you love who you are, you become healthy, strong and unstoppable.  This is true transformation – body, mind and spirit.  This is the gift I want to share.” 

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Athletic Trainer, Health Mentor and former Professional Bodybuilder who has been helping people improve their mental and physical health for over 20 years.  During high school and college, she was overweight, struggled with eating disorders, had low self-esteem and brain fog.  Obtaining a degree in Clinical Laboratory Science and working with athletes, Jane merged these two worlds together to create a structured wellness plan focused on four pillars – Recovery, Emotional Energy, Nutrition, and Movement.   When the health of both of her parents started to fail, Jane hit the books again learning about longevity, brain health, fasting, epigenetics and estrogenics.  Jane works with busy people to make being healthy fun and easy, so they can be the best version of themselves – looking good and having a healthspan to match their lifespan.








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