IG23-01. Theresa Contaxis a Soul Ageless Journey

Ignite Your Heart and Soul with Sara Troy and her guest Theresa Contaxis, on air from January 3rd 2023

A Journey Of the Soul For All Ages

As a child, Theresa Contaxis struggled to navigate her way in life. She was bullied and felt insecure when measuring herself against others. In adulthood, she battled with feelings of anger, jealousy, and fear. Married, with her third child on the way, she had to confront depression. She went on a spiritual journey, embracing spiritual learnings from many belief systems and eventually becoming a reverend. In the process of finding herself, she was inspired to write a book for people of all ages, 

The Littlest Sailboat.

Why she uses the ocean and a sailboat as metaphors for finding spirituality
How and why we each should embrace the power of letting go
How adults can find it within themselves to change course when life’s storms loom
What she learned from studying for several years with a shaman
What we can do to confront our feelings of anger, fear, shame, and jealous

“This relatively short but meaningful book has been a work in progress for a long time,” shares Theresa Contaxis. “But isn’t that who we are, in essence, as human beings, a work in progress? It takes time to learn that we are Divine beings living the human experience.”

The Littlest Sailboat
 is a story about some of the challenges we face growing up, and reveals the pearls of wisdom we gather along the way. Its childlike simplicity enables this book to be read across generations. The inspiring story takes readers on a journey in the search for truth, acceptance, meaning and ultimately, love.

An elegant metaphor narrated by the Littlest Sailboat herself, she takes us along her floating journey, encountering adventures with the elements and meetings with unexpected friends, teachers and guiding forces — surrounded by the guiding spirit of Love.

“With the chaos we see in the world today, people are scrambling for answers and solutions,” says Contaxis. “The Littlest Sailboat navigates the journey we all go through while returning to the point we began. Full circle.”

The book, beautifully illustrated with unique watercolors by Jennifer Anne Contaxis, is for anyone who asks: Who am I? Where am I going?

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 Theresa Contaxis is an author, reverend, and student for life. She recently published The Littlest Sailboat: A Journey of the Soul (IPBBooks), an inspiring tale of how one finds their place in this world and calls upon faith for guidance. Contaxis suffered from loneliness and depression while pregnant with her third child. It was then that she found herself on a formal spiritual journey, attending a spiritual retreat, EMMAUS. The retreat was a defining moment in her life that forever changed her direction. 

A mother of three, Contaxis studied under a nun, multiple energy workers, James Twyman, and two shamans for two years before becoming a Reverend at All Faiths Seminary International. She has studied mysticism from various spiritual leaders. Her writings reflect her spiritual evolution.

“It is important to laugh as you learn and grow,” she says. “I am grateful the Spirit teaches me through humor.  I have lots of examples of that. For those that are at the end of the rope, there is always hope. For those who feel unloved, that they are loved, loving and lovable. This applies to all people. Especially those who feel they have led a ‘bad’ life. They are loved. And underneath the actions that we see, our spirits are always connected to God, Source, Divine, Ralph whatever you want to call it.”

She graduated from Hartt School of Music and earned an MBA from University of Hartford. She worked in finance for a short time, and then stayed home to raise her family. Theresa resides in Tolland, Massachusetts. 




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