BB23-03. Carla Caswell on Emotional Intelligence.

Building Your Business with Sara Troy and her guest Carla Caswell, on air from January 17th

In a world where the next generation has access to more information than ever before, and the pressure to succeed is ever increasing, how do we adequately prepare them for the dynamics of their upcoming professional journey?

I am passionate about helping students to find meaning in their work by cultivating healthy habits that enable them to build self-awareness, manage expectations and perfectionism, establish boundaries, and create healthy success within their professional environment.

These are skills that I wish I’d been taught before I was thrown into the deep end of corporate life, and without the tools to manage those experiences, I ended up in burn out. And there are countless stories just like mine.

Change starts at the source, so let’s send out emotionally equipped graduates that will thrive in their careers for years to come.

The focus on building the emotional intelligence skills to thrive in your professional life is severely lacking, and the pressure on the youth to lead perfect lives is ever-increasing.

Building a strong foundation of emotional intelligence will pave the way for healthier professional (and personal) engagements, allowing more people to lead purpose-driven lives with passion, integrity, and authenticity. By building self-awareness, creating healthy boundaries, feeling confident to express one’s opinions, embracing failure, and managing internal and external expectations, one can thrive in life, rather than just survive.

The above fundamentals are a key foundation to creating a happy life and preventing burnout.

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Spanning a 17-year career as one of the leading digital marketing consultants in both South Africa and the U.K. Working with brands such as Mercedes Benz, Rolex, Ford, Nespresso and Dyson, as well as having led the digital sponsorship across Masterchef and Idols South Africa, Big Brother Africa, and headed up digital sales for Africa’s largest television network DSTV. 

Carla now combines her love for professional development with her passion to create an extraordinary life by running her businesses virtually from exotic locations around the world.

She coaches individuals and teams to let go pf perfectionism, build self-awareness, remove the limitations of unrealistic expectations, develop healthy boundaries, and create a personal and professional life that they thrive in rather than just survive in.

By equipping yourself with these ‘soft’ skills, you allow the evolution of a healthy, balanced future pathway that transcends both your professional and personal life.


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