TSM23-03. Una Delores Bruhns Survived Apartheid.

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Una Delores Bruhns, on air January 17th

I cast my story in Johannesburg, South Africa, during Apartheid where I was not content to be oppressed by the regime withering in the African sun where there was no room for  growth.

An award-winning writer, she received a Haiku Sakura Award at the Cherry Blossom Festival in 2008, the Community Ambassadors Award from the Writers International Network in 2015 and the Tanka Award from the North Shore Writers Association in 2016.

Apartheid is a powerful memoir of Una’s Personal and political struggles growing up in the peaceful community of Vrededorp, Johannesburg, South Africa.

By age nine, the political arena in South Africa changed; Una and her family are assessed, segregated and uprooted from their home in Vrededorp by the Apartied Authorities and moved to Coronationville, a Johannesburg suburb.

Witnessing “The Sharpville Massacre” in March 1960, a sudden shift of lens brought a new focus on her young mind that forever changed how she viewed those in power. After a failed marriage, she is now a single mother and determined to find a better life for herself and her son.

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HORRIFYING: Anti-apartheid groups overseas were spurred by images of the Sharpeville massacre. © Corbis/Greatstock

She falls in love with a German immigrant. With her fierce spirit, she begins challenging the Immorality law and they fight for their love under the watchful eye and harassment of the local police.

Her poems bring raw vulnerability and frustration to the forefront of what it feels like to be held back and watch injustice continue.

She resides in New Westminster, British Columbia with her spouse.

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