BB23-04. Bethany Meadows is an Experienced Mompreneur.

Building your business with Sara Troy and her guest Bethany Meadows, on air from January 24th

For business owners who also are also called mom, finding both success and striking the right balance can be challenging. In this episode, we will dive into the insights of an experienced mompreneur and find out the secrets she uses to find success without compromising her focus on family.

Bethany Meadows has been a mompreneur for almost 20 years and understands firsthand about the “juggle” of running a business and raising a family.

In 2008, after going through a divorce and wanting to continue homeschooling her five children, starting her own business seemed like the answer. Using her previous experience as a corporate marketing executive, Bethany founded Vertical Solutions Media, a full-service brand and marketing agency that helps businesses grow and succeed.

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Her first book, Getting A Grip: Build A Custom Parenting Plan That Actually Works was published in 2017. In Getting A Grip, Bethany shares her insights on intentional parenting objectives and creating a framework for meeting them.

Now, she is a on mission to help mompreneurs find success and balance in both their business and family. Her newest title The Juggle is REAL! Finding success and balance as a mompreneur gives the reader the benefit of 30 years of brand and marketing experience to help them grow their business. At the same time, she explores how to strike the right balance, remove friction, build a tribe and find parenting success.

Bethany Meadows started Vertical Solutions Media in June of 2008. At the time it was a financial solution for a homeschooling single mom of five children. Relying on her extensive marketing background, Bethany continued to grow the company and today, Vertical Solutions Media is a full-service marketing agency based in Birmingham, Alabama. For over 14 years they have provided marketing consulting and services to dozens of companies in a vast array of industries.

The company’s mission has always been Reinventing Success. This is an acknowledgement that every business owner’s path to success will look different. 

Time to Thrive was created out of a desire to serve those small businesses who find themselves unsure how to take their business to the next level. Becoming stagnant in your business is not an option. It’s your choice whether or not you will THRIVE.

As part of that mission, Bethany launched as a way of helping small business owners level up their sales and marketing skills.

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