TSM.23-12. Maureen Karen & BIPOC career woman…

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Marleen Karen, on air from March 21st

Maureen had a stroke which interrupted her career, but what she learnt from it and how it has helped her become a better mentor, is profound. She helps women of colour, find their own way forward into living a life of choice, care, community, and communication, so they are living their best life.

We empower BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) professional women who are stuck on the corporate ladder to move forward in their career.

are you a professional female who’s sick and tired of only “staying in your lane” when you KNOW that you were meant for more?

is the excuse of HR hiring another candidate who was the right fit when you not only have all the requirements, but EXCEED them as well?

is being overlooked, ignored and only being given menial tasks no longer your cup of tea?

are you exhausted from having those same old headaches and pain of constantly overworking in your position, but not being valued or appreciated for your labour?

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Ever since leaving high school, I have always been either the only or one of 2 or 3 Black female students in the classroom. However, I did not let that disparity prevent me from excelling and proving myself and my worth.  By continually progressing due to being denied advancement on the educational and professional front, I quickly realized that I was an example of a dichotomous division in those circles.  Also, I became acutely aware of limitations that I, as a Black female, would have to face since there’s a huge lack of representation which hinders my ability to take part in innovative and inclusive practices.








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