23-19. Hodge Podge of Info.

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from May 9th

I have been away looking after my 2-year-old Grandson while my daughter gave birth to another Grandson. Things went wrong, and during the c-section, the little one had his femur broken. On top of that, because he has Down syndrome, there was concern about his oxygen levels. He was in ICU for nine days while they had to discover how to feed him, as he has a full-bodied brace that holds his leg in a position for the femur to heal, but this means he can’t be bathed or held in a cradled position and we have to be so careful how we hold him.

So you can imagine, it has had its level of stress. I oversaw my little RORO, my 25-month-old grandson. We went to the hospital daily to see Mama, Papa, and his baby brother, who he has taken to well. Ma and Pa with baby Louie were in the hospital for nine days but are now at home and so much more relaxed; they are navigating Louie’s needs while balancing the needs of Roro and my daughter’s recovery.

I am home now for a bit while they get into a routine, but there are so many medical appointments to come for this little boy.

One thing for sure, I know he knows he is loved, by everyone, and that love is so pure, extending the love for our RoRo too. As a grandma my heart is full, and when I hold my grandchildren there is feeling of such deep love that feeds our very soul.

So there have not been shows for a week or 2, I will have some for you next week, but the balancing act right now is with family and seeing them stablized, so I am on call to go as needed, willingly.

Little Louie with broken femur.

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All of our shows/interviews are done by donation, if you enjoyed this show please support us here.