23-20. Authenticity & Life Experience.

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from May 9th

I have just listened to Jay Shetty and Gabor Maté, and it really spoke to me from speaking on Trauma and every day life experience and being authentic. ( The ROOT CAUSE Of Trauma & Why You FEEL LOST In Life | Dr. Gabor Maté & Jay Shetty)

We look at trauma and believe we are victims of it; maybe it was just an unpleasant experience that we need to learn from rather than let it pull us down into despair. Of course, some are genuinely traumatized by something catastrophic in their lives, but we also go through ups and downs in the life of good and bad experiences is life in itself that are here to teach us, strengthen us, and show us are courage and abilities.

How can we be authentic in who we are? How can we know who we are when we have let life dictate who we should be, going in and allowing ourselves to discover who we are, being who we are from the inside out, is where we will find that authenticity.

I have lived my life trying to fit in, trying to be what others expected me to be, only to let them down and betray myself in the process. I have after a life time stopped being what others want from me and just being my authentic self, who I am in all my flawsomeness.

I suffer from sadness; it is what I feel when I hear the pain, feel the disconnect, and feel pulled to fix something in a world that needs to take ownership of their own pain and fix it for themselves. That is the healing, the growth, the discovery of self, and becoming one’s true authentic self.

Who you are, why you are here, what your gift is, how you use it, and whom you use it for, is why we are here; to serve life with tour particular gift of who we are in all our authentic flawsomeness.

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All of our shows/interviews are done by donation, if you enjoyed this show please support us here.