AK23-22. Cathy Derksen, Authoring Your Life

An Authors Kiss with Sara TROY and her guest Cathy Derksen, on air form May 30th

Bring life back to your life!

If you’ve been feeling stuck and experiencing procrastination, self-doubt, depletion, or are generally feeling uninspired and unmotivated about your future… you’re not alone, so many of us are feeling this way. Let us guide you through this midlife awakening.

After working in Medical Genetics for 25 years, and 10 years as a financial planner, I decided to start my own business and create global impact. I support midlife women to rediscover their brilliance and to step into new possibilities in their life. I offer platforms for women to clarify and share their journey through collaborative book projects and building community. Creating a ripple effect of impact through sharing our stories and wisdom

I have dedicated my work to helping women around the world tap into their own greatness. I believe that we owe it to ourselves and each other to create lives that fill us with genuine joy and inspiration. My company, Inspired Tenacity, was born from my desire to make these life-changing tools and strategies accessible to women everywhere. Whether you’re facing major personal milestones, levelling up your finances or exploring a new career, these programs are designed to support you to navigate big shifts with confidence. One of these life-changing tools involves sharing your stories in collaborative book projects. I create these collaborative book projects to give my clients the platform to share their stories, inspire the readers and become an international bestselling author.

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Cathy is the founder of her company, Inspired Tenacity. She is dedicated to improving the lives of the women in her community and around the world. Cathy is an international speaker and 10x #1 bestselling author with stories that inspire the readers to take a leap of faith into reaching for their big goals. She has created a platform supporting women to share their own inspiring stories in collaborative books. In her program, Cathy takes you from chapter concept to published bestselling author in a simple, exciting process.

With her unique combination of intuition and world-class training, Cathy has helped hundreds of women transform their lives.  Cathy’s experience in writing and publishing positions her well for supporting her clients in their dreams of sharing their wisdom in published books. 

Inspired Tenacity was born from Cathy’s desire to make these life-changing tools and strategies accessible to women everywhere. Whether you’re facing major personal milestones, levelling up your finances or exploring a new career, these programs are designed to teach you how to navigate big shifts with confidence. 

Find the courage—take the leap. Bring life to your life.  

She has the tools and understanding to help you to create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self.  

In my late 40s I came to the realization that I was feeling stuck and numb, living a depressing life which had evolved over decades of living in an abusive marriage and working in a toxic environment. In 2008 my family was involved in a fatal car accident. Luckily for us, everyone in my vehicle was physically unharmed, but the shock of witnessing the sudden death of another driver was the wakeup call that sparked the massive changes I’ve created in my life since then. Life is too short and too precious to stay stuck and numb. 

This new clarity set me on a path to reimagine what my life could be. Over that next year I found the strength and resources to leave my abusive marriage and take on a complete career transformation. I reassessed my experience and skills. I looked deep within to expose layers of my interests and passions. Up until that point, I had spent 25 years working in Medical Genetics. Although the fields of biology and genetics will always be passions of mine, the isolated, toxic work environment was not a good fit for me. My self reflection process had allowed me to see that my innate gifts were centred around being of service to others and building connection. I felt a calling to focus on supporting women to create a better life for themselves. Through courage and tenacity, I took on the challenge of reimagining and reinventing my life. 

I have been blessed with the intuition and confidence to know that I can take on any challenge. I trust that I will figure things out. I threw my life up in the air and reinvented it on the way down, I started my life as a single mom with two teenagers, left my toxic workplace and completely changed my career from medical genetics to financial planning. My mission, as I went all-in with this change, was to create positive impact on the lives of women by supporting them in creating financial success for themselves. 

The process of reimagining life involves ongoing reassessment and review. After a decade of working in the big banks and investment companies, although I had assisted many people in improving their life situation, I did not feel I was having the massive impact I felt called to create. I had supported my clients in understanding their accounts and building wealth but there were so many aspects of understanding how to create true financial success that I was not able to address in these jobs. The time limits and compliance details of this professional environment did not allow me to support people in truly understanding the critical factors in their relationships with money and the deep stories that keep so many of us stuck in our current situation in finance and in life. I knew it was time to reimagine my life again.

Now in my late 50s, I dug deeper into the process of listening to my intuition and asking myself the critical questions around my own gifts and passions. What am I capable of? What is the impact I want to have? What is the legacy I want to create? Who am I here to serve and what do they need from me?

My dedication to helping women create a life that they love has stayed strong and I began to imagine doing this on a global scale. As my abilities to connect easily with people all over the world has unfolded, I find myself building a global community of women who are keen to shift the world in a positive direction. I allowed myself to think big and step into the vision of new possibilities ahead of me. Knowing that I could not fulfill my vision while working in my role as a financial planner, I summed up the courage to take the leap into entrepreneurship. This adventure has been filled with many ups and downs, challenges and thrills, and it has given me the freedom to solidify how to bring my vision into reality. 

Connect with her if you would like to become a bestselling author.










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