AK 23-24. Eme McAnam, Freefalling: A Novel of Senior Romance.

An Authors Kiss with Sara Troy and her guest Eme McAnam, on air from June 13th

Eme McAnam, author of Freefalling: A Novel of Senior Romance, the provocative debut novel exploring senior romance and the challenges of aging. In an interview, she can talk about the issues we face as an aging society, particularly when it comes to relationships, intimacy and romance. Eme will share with your listeners why we need more romantic literature for older readers and why she feels that while aging may have hurdles, it’s not a stop sign.

Dementia. Romance. Love. Aging. A powerful and provocative new senior literary romance novel redefines the notion of fulfillment in one’s Golden Years. Freefalling, by senior Eme McAnam, is a genre-changing story that’s sure to stir deep emotions. 

“My friend suffered from Lewy Body dementia,” shares Eme, referring to the second most common type of progressive dementia after Alzheimer’s disease. “As I assisted him in his struggle, he let me see the turbulence in his mind. It was difficult to know his suffering and to comprehend his emotions. But I listened, as his caregiver and personal advocate. I disclose what I learned from him and others in this novel. Stories are a creative way for me to reconfigure life and share knowledge. While I was writing the senior romance, threads of his dementia crept into my characters, creating a more interesting story. A more real story.”

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Eme McAnam has worn many hats: She certified fitness instructors, was a financial advisor, ran an assisted living facility, and even had a song on The Top 100 Country Billboard chart. But above all, she has lived life passionately and now has a critically-acclaimed debut novel that captures some of her life’s experiences in Freefalling, a poignant and provocative work of senior romance literary fiction.

Forty years ago, she was on the Billboard Country Top 100. She was singing for thousands of people at large events. Not long after that, life took her on a detour and she entered the world of more traditional business, where she certified fitness teachers around the country. Next, it was the financial services sector, where she became an advisor and professional speaker. Eme later ran an assisted living facility for a decade.  

Restless to see more of the country, she sold her home of 37 years and traveled for a year before landing in her artist’s loft in Minneapolis. Eme hiked, painted, wrote, took pictures, and made new friends. It was a transformative experience.

Blessed with time and perspective, she resurfaced into her life as an artist and photographer. She writes about romance, life, and reality blended with life’s messy parts. Romance allows difficult stories to have hopeful endings. She has been interviewed on several podcasts, including Sexy Senior Romance the Read My Lips podcast. 

Born and raised in New Ulm, Minnesota, she is one of nine children. Eager to have a chance at city life, she moved to Minneapolis to attend college. Now a grandmother, she resides in Minneapolis. 

Charlotte, the owner and operator of a successful five-star hotel, has always put her work first. As she enters the autumn of her life, she realizes her dedication to her career has left a void in her heart – she never found true love. Despite the complications that come with finding romance at her age, Charlotte sets out on a journey to fill that emptiness. Through challenges and obstacles, Charlotte discovers that the Golden Years of her life can still hold happiness and fulfillment. Senior romance might come with its own set of hurdles, but ultimately, Charlotte experiences true contentment for the first time. Her greatest battle comes when she is diagnosed with dementia.





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