YH23-35. Sherri Scott& Nutrition Energy/Frequency

Your Health is Your Choice with Sara Troy and her guest Sherri Scott, on air from August 29th

Everyone should be encouraged to learn how the body can naturally detox, and  regenerate on its own, if we provide the information, tools (nutrition, energy/frequency) and guidance.    I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer in 2016 with meets to liver, spleen and lower lung lobe. I was told my prognosis was grim, to prepare for leaving this earth.  The fear tactic was utilized to try to convince me to go in for full right breast and partial left breast mastectomy with anticipation of follow-up with chemo or radiation and reconstructive surgeries.  It all sounded overwhelming to me.    I have managed my MS for almost 10 years with nutrition, lifestyle management and herbs however this was more intense.  My hubby reminded me that “I Had this”.  I wasn’t so confident. 

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As a Holistic Nutritionist, I figured nutrition, life style management would be enough – I just needed to be very strict. It wasn’t enough. I spent many hours searching for answers, solutions.  I knew energy to the cell was key.

I had, just prior to my diagnosis, purchased a frequency system that I thought it might be a good time to learn how to use it!  So I did.  I have not looked back!  I use frequency every day for myself, my friends and family,  even my pets. 

This was my introduction to frequencies. I have not looked back.  I now help others around the world tap into their own boy’s natural regenerative abilities utilizing nutrition and frequency.  The latest frequency is the most outstanding!  Terahertz frequencies are amazing. There is plenty of research out there on it and it is definitely worthwhile to look into!    

I am a holistic nutritionist, Cellular detoxification & regeneration Specialist.  I provide the tools, information an guidance to those who wish to ulitize the body’s natural ability to return to optimal health with as little interference as possible.  


* Ilovehealthycells@gmail.com



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