P14/1b The Secrets to Living a Bold Life

Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Wendy Capland. Aired January 9th/14 

Wendy Capland is an award-winning executive and one of the top women leaders in the field of transformational leadership development. For more than 20 years, Wendy Capland has helped organisations and individuals, Fortune 100 executives and entrepreneurs alike, build leadership skills through Executive Coaching, Leadership Training, and Team Facilitation.

highres-purple-headshot-280x300Wendy is the author of the newly published book, Your Next Bold Move for Women: 9 Proven Steps to Everything You Ever Wanted, now in its second printing as of July 2/2013.

In addition to her corporate work, Wendy is a keynote speaker and workshop presenter at Women’s Leadership Conferences and in corporations helping women become more successful and satisfied personally and professionally.

Your Next Bold Move, her cable TV show, has been airing in over 2.5 million households every month.

She is the author of Your Next Bold Move for Women: 9 Proven Steps to Everything You Ever Wanted.

What if I told you I knew a way to help you put a dream of yours into action? What if I told you it was as simple as following a 9-Step process and that if you follow it, it will guide you to be bolder and maybe even change your life forever?

You’d do it, wouldn’t you? I thought so.

highres-bookIn Wendy’s book, you’ll learn about her 9-Step process to help you increase your personal bold factor in the part of your life that’s waiting to burst forth. Wendy has used this process successfully to help hundreds of people make their next bold personal or professional move.

Your Next Bold Move for Women is a practical guide for anyone who wants to turn their ideas and dreams into reality.  This step-by-step process will help you quiet the little voice in your head that tells you that you are not enough.  It will help you listen to your inner guidance, and give you some peace within yourself.  It will help you move into action with joy and purpose.  It takes one step at a time to create a life you fall in love with.

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Here is a sneak preview of the 9 Proven Steps to Making Your Next Bold Move!

1.      Check Your inner State

First and foremost, check your inner state. You need to be able to recognize what is calling you forward before you can listen to it and determine the appropriate action. Ask your heart to finish the following sentences:

“I feel _____ about my life right now.” (Happy, satisfied, out of sorts, confused, etc.)

“The area of my life that I want to be different is______.”

Try journaling about the experience that is causing your dissatisfaction. Awaken the voice inside you that is trying to get out.

2.      Give yourself a Time Out

Slow down. It is critically important to allow your heart and your mind a quiet opportunity to speak to each other. One of the greatest gifts you can offer yourself is a few moments of guilt-free peace.  Our brains sort through our greatest life challenges when we are at rest or play, so give your mind a vacation; it will serve you up tremendous information and inspiration to take action on. Sleep, nap, meditate, retreat, walk, rest and listen to your inner voice. We can’t create, manifest or be inspired when we are so busy being busy.

3.      Listen up! to Your Intuition

Hear, sense, feel your inner desires. We source our most inner desires from our inner guidance. Once your inner voice is awake and you have allowed yourself a quiet moment to hear her, it’s time to listen. What idea keeps floating around in your mind? Is there something that you feel in your gut over and over again? This is your intuition trying to tell you something. Recognizing the interference of your intuition takes practice. Test and evaluate the results of your intuition without fear of right and wrong. Just listen and see what happens.

4.      Prepare for the Game

Preparing for the game means taking great care of your body, mind and spirit. Like an Olympic athlete, preparing yourself to play the game physically, emotionally and spiritually are also critical to the results you will create. A body overstressed and overworked won’t be likely to create anything except burnout and chaos! Physically, it is important to honour your body and provide it with the fuel to keep you moving. Preparing your mind for the game consists of learning and growth with regard to your passion. Knowledge also provides confidence for your journey. Preparing your spirit involves anything that brings you peace: meditation, a good book, a walk in the woods, etc. Care and well-being of your body, mind and spirit is a must.  Exercise, nutrition, spiritual practices, and extreme self-care inside and out is critical to be ready to take on our next bold move.

5.      Get clear about What you Want

What do you care most about? Learning to listen deeply and trust your inner guidance is paramount in getting crystal clear about what your true desires are. To turn an idea into reality, you must be clear about what you really want- really, really clear about what you want.

6.      Surround yourself with Extreme Support

Surround yourself with those people you want close to you through this process… those who truly support your needs and goals. Women are often better at supporting others than allowing others to support us. Get comfortable asking for support and surrounding yourself with cheerleaders versus people that need constant care and tending.

7.      Gather in Purposeful Community

Along with extreme supporters, you will also need to gather a purposeful community- collecting a group of like-minded people who will be there to encourage you and share with you the same focus, passion or vision. The group of people could be essential to moving you forward and supporting you in a way that personal supporters cannot.

8.      Generate Steam

Now comes the fun part; it’s time to generate some STEAM! STEAM is an acronym for an active process of action, execution, and momentum that will propel you forward and turn your vision into a reality- Step into action, Tweak what’s not working, Execute and experiment, Act again, and Measure your results each step along the way.

9.      Dance and Weave

The final step to achieving your next bold move is to dance through the steps easily and weave your masculine and feminine energy together so that your journey is fun and fulfilling. Combine the needs and desires of your mind and your heart. Be both creative and logical, linear and imaginative and balance internal quietness and external action.  Source from your heart and execute from your head.

There comes a time in everyone’s life where it is time to be bolder and bring yourself forth in ways that you have never dared before.  Come join me on this journey into boldness.  You’ll be glad SO you did!


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