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 Their Story Matters channel with Sara Troy and Dr. Ted Fattoross. Aired from February 10th.


We all have a story and through that storytelling we learn, we are inspired and liberated into action. My guest today Dr. Ted Fattross. has been sharing and listening to stories for some years now in schools, organizations, corporations, courtrooms, learning what our society really needs to heal. He is now standing up for all families in order to keep them together in liberty, independence freedom, and equality so our global society can branch out into embracing all that is possible in their lives which will create collaborative united communities. 

202_3Dr. Ted Fattoross has addressed some 8500 events on over 2000 topics including anti­bullying, character education,  personal  and social development, suicide and substance abuse prevention. He works not only with students but with teachers, school staff and parents as well. In the schools, he has visited he has left a lasting impression with very real results including changing the minds of suicidal and homicidal students.

Dr. Ted is CEO/Founder of newly launched Family Alliance Foundation – a movement for healing and strengthening families and communities.  Family Alliance Foundation raises awareness, helps with problem-solving skills, endorses the resolution, and provides continual follow-up through our website portal, seminars, training, webinars, publications, weekly mastermind video conferences, on YouTube, dummy, blog radio, and much more.

Family Alliance Foundation

What is the Family Alliance Foundation?

imagesfamWe are a non-profit organization.  We are a movement.  We make a difference.  Our world is in crisis.  Families are divided, divorced and in need of healing.  Our children are in need of compassion, empathy, and resources to make them whole.  We are advocates who provide solutions through programs that include education, inspiration, and motivation.  We collaborate with other entities who provide food, shelter, clothing and other resources that help people move from “survive” to “thrive”.  We dare to care.


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Dr.Ted Fattoross is a keynote speaker, seminar leader,  coach and consultant. He has been featured on national television (Fox 5), radio programs and newspapers. Dr. Ted has also served on the Advisory Boards of Fortune 500 companies as well as government, non­profit and educational agencies. He serves the corporate, educational,  non­profit and government sectors, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally with offices throughout the United States and the Philippines

Please visit our websites to learn more about Dr.Ted Fattoross Education Services and list of topics for students, parents, teachers/staff –



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